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Racism and xenophobia killed Moïse! [Brazil]

Brazil. We express our sympathy and solidarity to the Congolese community and the family of Moïse Mugenyi Kabagambe, who was brutally murdered in a kiosk in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, about a week ago. The 24-year-old Congolese youth was beaten to death by at least three people. According to his family, he had gone to the kiosk to collect 200 Reais, which the kiosk owed him for two days of work.

Originally published by Anarkismo. Written by Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira.

The episode exposes how racism and xenophobia kill, and are used by those at the top to maintain the system of domination. Moïse was a black African and a precarious worker, and he went to the site only to receive what his boss owed him. In response he received brutality, and even after death he was violated by the State, being declared indigent by the IML.

The young man had lived in Brazil for ten years, and came with his family in search of a decent life, fleeing the armed conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which in 20 years have left more than 6 million dead and missing. In Brazil, like thousands of black African immigrants, he was forced to submit to precarious work, racism and xenophobia. The words of Moïse’s mother, Ivana Lay, painfully sum up what the family faced: “I fled the Congo so that they would not kill us. Yet they killed my son here as they do in my country.”

Moïse’s death is also a reflection of our incomplete abolition, which threw the black people to their fate, freed but without land or work. More than a century later, black people account for 77% of the victims of murder in the country, according to the Atlas of Violence. The State and Capital perpetuate the genocide, and do little to actually transform this reality, beyond some superficial measures.

This Saturday, 5th February, entities of immigrants and the black movement will hold demonstrations in some cities of the country to denounce the racist and xenophobic murder. A first step of the popular movement so that this brutal crime is not ignored. In our militancy spaces, we defend and act in the self-organization of the people from below to face the racist violence of the dominant classes. For this, daily work in the different movements is necessary, in the construction of a Front of Oppressed Classes that can destroy the system of domination and build a Libertarian Socialism, without borders!


Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira)
February 2022

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