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Callout for solidarity! Come to the Court case of Ivicke! [Wassenaar, Netherlands]

Wassenaar. Netherlands. On the 15th of February Ivicke will have a court case against the municipality of Wassenaar. This court case will decide if the squat will be evictable before we got heard in our higher appeal. Winning this court case means that we can stay for probably another while, since the date for the higher appeal has not been set yet.

Originally published by Huize Ivicke.

The house had been under pressure for a long time, but it seems the end of Ivicke gets closer and closer. Even though our struggles are not defined by the court, we ask people to show solidarity with us in yet another attempt to defend squatting through legal means. So come by with banners, good spirit and some anger!

The court allows a public, but due to covid-19 measures not everybody will be able to attend the hearing; whatever.

Location: Kneuterdijk 22, Den Haag (The Hague)

Time: 10:22 a.m., 15th of February

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