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Solidarity with those arrested on February 8 [Thessaloniki, Greece]

Thessaloniki. Greece. According to the Greek mass media in the early hours of Tuesday 8/2 after an anti-terrorist operation, a man (a member of Terra Incognita collective) and a woman were arrested accused of the arson attack on the Foundation for National and Religious Reflection in Ano Poli (Thessaloniki). At the same time, investigations are carried out in the homes of the arrested as well as in the workplace of one of them. The same afternoon, another extradition of a comrade began, which later turned into the third  arrest.They are charged with joining the “Organization Anarchist Action” and many criminal acts.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

From the very beginning, mass media refering to those arrests as having  the “scent” of terrorism. They are in a hurry to create a climate of terror and are doing thiat in good cooperation with the authorities. Once again, the state is persecuting thoose who are fighting for total liberation. Τhe state takes revenge on those who rise against state barbarism, fighting daily for a world of equality, solidarity and freedom.

As anarchists we obligated to ourselves and our struggles, to our own political existence not to abandon each other even when times are difficult. Our ideas and our bonds will forever be a weapon , the power can never be able to understand. We do not leave anyone alone in the hands of power. Because only when we all walk all together on the ruins of this aging world, walking towards a revolutionary society with our own values ​​and ideals, only then will we be free. 

Solidarity with those arrested on 8/2

No one in the hands of the state

From the abolition of the terrorists laws, till  the demolition of the any prison

Solidarity rally Friday 11/2 at 09:00, Courts of Thessaloniki 

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