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Together in Love and Rage – Congress for the anarcha-queerfeminist revolt! [Berlin]

Dear accomplices

After the attempt to organize the congress „Militant Feminism“ 2 years ago and after grueling months of pandemic, we want to come together again and work out militant perspectives. For this we invite you to Berlin from 26.05.22- 29.05.22.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Self-organization of queers and FLINTAs has potential for self-empowerment and revolutionary perspectives. Militant anti-patriachal groups are becoming more visible and react with counter-violence to the oppression of capitalist patriarchy and colonial exploitation. At the same time, anti-feminist and authoritarian forces are forming to stop passions for a liberated society e.g. through conservative backlash, the tightening of abortion laws in Poland – amongst other places, the increasing numbers of domestic and sexual violence during the pandemic, feminicides worldwide, and perpetrators within „emancipatory“ structures….

But feminist struggles and movements are resisting: Kurdish women* are fighting in Rojava, autonomous FLINTA groups are attacking, in Mexico City feminists are attacking police stations, in worldwide movements queer and trans voices are becoming loud and visible – to name just a few examples. These movements offer opportunities to imagine societies differently! We don’t want to hide differences between us, but instead to build bridges and draw potential from different perspectives and experiences. Attacking the external enemy also means attacking structures within us. Be it white dominance, able-ist structures, sex/cisms or classism…. In the historical consciousness of revolutionary struggles we want to learn from movements of emancipation, from their strengths and their conflicts. In order to be better accomplices, to overcome mechanisms of oppression and to work in the long term on a militant personality in which we break again and again with the capitalist and colonial patriarchy that is embedded within us. Let’s build internationalist, solidarity perspectives and networks. Let’s become dangerous together.

The congress should be an open space to try out and discuss. We want to work together practically and substantively to develop our positions. Questions we want to work on together: How do we strengthen relationships with each other? What can feminist counter-violence look like? How do we find momentum? There will be workshops, panel discussions, debates, films, etc.. We don’t want to go into the days with a consumerist attitude, but to participate ourselves, to work on content in solidarity with each other and to exchange ideas. The congress will be open to all gender. Lectures/workshops will be held by FLINTA only (women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, A-gender).

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