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14.02. Moni’s revenge on patriarchy – Join the TBTN block! [Berlin]

Berlin. 14.02. Moni’s revenge on patriarchy – Join the TBTN block! On 14.02. we take back the night.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

On 14.02. we want to take to the streets again because we have had enough of daily sexism. The origins of the 14.02. demo lie in the coalition pf people affected by the dirty pig H. We as FLINTAs*, who come together to organize the Take Back the Night-Demo, call to join the demo on 14th February. We also want to feel the power that such gatherings generate.
We share the pain, the experiences of violence, the border-crossing behaviour, the disrespect. We bear the scars of past injuries and humiliations. But when we stand together, side by side, hand in hand, it is not only our pain that unites us. We are also united by the love of our anger and solidarity with one another. And nothing is better suited to take to the streets than a day of capitalist, patriarchal propaganda, like the so-called Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day celebrates the image of a cis-hetero relationship. The day manifests that only those who live in the romantic relationship of two can find security and perfection. But we never see our liberation in the arms of a romantic hetero-two relationship. The strength that lies in friendships and complicity is meant to be pacified.
When we are radically tender with ourselves and resolutely furious against our enemies, we can be an overwhelming threat to the state and the capitalist patriarchy. We don’t give a damn about roses, dates, and candlelit dinners. Instead of the „little black dress“ we want the black block, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

When we take the to the streets, fear turns into confidence, shame turns into trust in each other, and anger turns into rage. We want to hold hands, but also strengthen each other’s backs.
We take back the streets and the night. The flame of brave FLINTAs is already glowing, let’s make it burn. Join the TakeBackTheNight-Block on February 14th.
We share the pain – we share the rage! For the smashing of the patriarchy!

Monday, 14.02. from 6pm from Hermannplatz. Endpoint: Frankfurter Tor. (Berlin)
The demo is only for FLINTAs.
Come with a mask and dress warmly,
You will recognize us by the banners.

P.S.: On 30.04. we will also bring back the night this year.

* FLINTAs stands for women*, lesbians, inter-persons, non-binary persons and agender persons.

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