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We Are A Break In Your Wall [Wroclaw, Poland]

During the 8th birthday of Samba Wrocław, we showed our opposition to the construction of the wall on the Polish-Belarusian border. The campaign was prepared by No Borders Team.

Originally published by Wolna Biblioteka Wroclaw (Free Library Wroclaw) Kolektiva Channel.

We believe that borders and walls on them should not exist, and people should not be divided into better ones, living on the so-called Rich North and the latter category, the Poor South. By stimulating conflict and supplying weapons, the political and business elites of global capital have benefited too long from this division. As ordinary Polish residents, we have more in common with a Kurd who was fleeing the persecution from Kobane; with an Afghan woman who is stripped of her fundamental rights and objectified only because she is a woman or an Angolan family fleeing climate change. As people, we have a duty to help one another, especially those in need. Even if the law criminalizes this help, we will not remain deaf to the cries of our sisters and brothers; by uniting in a common struggle, we turn the crisis into a new form of community. Let’s pause this inhuman project together!

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