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Liberated grounds and the connection with student struggles

Berlin. On 31/12/2021 Biologico squat, a self-organised space for 34 years in the university campus of Thessaloniki, Greece got evicted. As a part of the self-organized, anti-commercial and anti-authoritarian struggle Biologico functioned as a reference point for various fights during the years. In order to defend and support the space and to organize actions, an open assembly was formed. This resulted in a new occupation in the first day of the action week (10.01) and its eviction two days later, with 15 people getting arrested and a greek-wide demonstration with 23 arrests, one of which facing high degree charges.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Biologico was a connection between the anti-authoritarian movement and the students, since it was a space where many different individuals and groups organized for years, a place which tried to stand as an obstacle at the state’s plans to transform the universities into educational factories.

As berlin-based open assembly in solidarity with Biologico squat, we organise an event on 21.02 at 18.00 in Kadterschmiede, Rigaer94 (Berlin) where we would like to give an update about the events that took place after the eviction of Biologico and analyze them within the frame of a general strategy of gentrification, displacement, repression, nature destruction, control and domination over space and life as such, which is expressed in the last years attacks against subversive or occupied spaces and projects in berlin and greek territories.

This event is seen as a further step and part of the broader international solidarity frame against the eviction wave and the authoritarian educational institutions. A financial support-bar will take place after the event for the repression costs of the comrades who got arrested and face repression during the action week in Thessaloniki.


18:00 Public kitchen and Video about struggles of students

20:00 Event and discussion

22:00 Solibar

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