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Mexico City Anarchist Bookfair February 19

Mexico City. The Anarchist Federation of Mexico presents the 11th Fair of Anarchist Books Publications. February 19, 2022. CSL-REM: Donceles #10, second floor (Bellas Artes metro stop).

Originally published by Anarchist News.

11:20 Talk about the sale of self-managed products – Green Panthers Cooperative
12:00 Presentation of the book “Documents for the history of the origins of freedom and authority: texts by Max Netlau” – Editorial Dada
12:40 Libertarian storytelling “Micro tales of terror for children” – Emanuel Martinez
13:10 Presentation of the book “P.J. Proudhon, Philosophy of Progress” – Editorial La voz de la anarquia
14:20 Lecture “Anarchism, Drug Trafficking and Resistance in Michoacan” – Popular Libertarian Organization “international fraternity” – FAM
15:00 Presentation of the newspaper project Regeneration – FAM
15:40 Against the History of Power. The narratives of the Insumisas – Juan Carlos Beas.
16:20 Presentation of the book “The Social Revolution in the North Mexico and the anarchist communes of the PLM, 1911-1915” – Luis F. Olvera Maldonado
17:00 “Catharsis Poetics libertarian” – Space of Open Microphone
17:30 Fraternal tribute: “Magonista Companeros and Combatants in the writings of Jacinto Barrera Bassols” – Alejandro de la Torre
18:10 Commemoration of the Hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Inquilinario movement (Revolutionary Union of Tenants) – Pablo Gaytan
19:00 “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution” – Music, dance and resistance
20:00 Closing of the 11th anarchist bookfair – FAM

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