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Solidarity with Polycarpos Georgiadis – Protest [Athens]

Athens. Greece. The trial of Polykarpos Georgiadis: a tasteless prank by the ‘Counter-terrorism’ unit.

Originally published by Red and Black. Translated by Antirinfo Telegram Channel.

A year and a half ago, on Wednesday 23 September 2020, the comrade Polykarpos Georgiadis is arrested by the ‘Counter-terrorism’ outside the storage space he was renting on behalf of the ‘Assymetri Apeili’ publications, on Anastasios Zinnis street in the Koukaki neighborhood.

In the investigation that followed inside the storage room, except from boxes filled with the publication’s books and a backpack, is also found containing an amount of explosive material, detonators and cartridges. Possesion of such objects are of course illegal, however, under normal circumstances, it is prosecuted to a misdemeanor degree.

Despite that misdemeanor offense,Polykarpos is held in custody as with a series of police and judicial alchemies, he is being prosecuted with felony and specifically for «possesion of explosive material, explosive mechanisms, and ammunition with the aim of providing third parties for purposes of commiting felony or for the supply of groups, organisations, associations etc.»

There is, an artificial inflation of the charge given that what differentiated the specific action from being a felony instead of a misdemeanor is the «aim of providing third parties with the purpose of commiting a felony», an aim which does not which is not substantiated anywhere in the case file, and exists only through the metaphysical assumptions of the «Counter-terrorism».

Contrary to the unreliable and metaphysical narratives of the «Counter-terrorism», POlykarpos, has already since the interrogation stage been very specific about his charge, by saying:

“The purpose for hiring the storage facilities has been the keeping of some of the older publication’s books. Indeed, between the books a backpack with explosive material and a box with bullets and detonators was found. Since the beggining I have been very clear regarding their origins: This was material which hadn’t been previously found in the police searches in August 2008 after the adbduction of the president of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises of Northern Greece, G. Mylonas. This material was buried in the suburbs of Thessaloniki and when construction works took place in the area, I transported it in parts, to Athens, three years after my release.I stored it in spaces that were legally owned by me and nobody else except me, had knowledge of its existence or access to it.”

Perhaps, the way in which a misdemeanor is turned into a felony, thus keeping a person behind bars for 1,5 year, seems absolutely arbitrary. The reasons behind this legal alchemy though, are not arbitrary at all. The reasons are specific, almost tangible, they are exhausted and revolve around [issues of] revenge against him.
Polykarpos is a consistent part of the wider antagonistic movement, for over two decades and the latest years is a member of the political collective ‘Taksiki Antepithesi’ (Group of Anarchists and Communists). In the past, Polykarpos has paid a heavy price being imprisoned for many years for his choice (15 years ago) to take class solidarity action- in the form of assisting Vasilis Palaiokostas, a man wanted by the police for bank robbery and a fugitive of the greek prisons.

All the above synthesise the life of a person who the «Counter-terrorism» has never forgiven. This unit, blinded by their thirst for revenge, did not hesitate to make an official announcement linking Pοlykarpos with the armed organisation «Omada Laikon Agoniston»(OLA). Proof of this «early verdict» was a PDF file, saved in the external hard drive of his computer, containing the claim of responsibility for the strike of OLA against the Hellenic Association of Enterprises (SEV). The “Clouseau” of the Directorate of Criminological Investigations (DCI) labs initially characterised the PDF file as original and as being saved prior to its, therefore creating the impression that Polykarpos is associated with the writing of this announcement. Two days later and after the defence of Polykarpos appointed its own expert, DCI labs reconsidered and issued a new finding, according to which, they recognise that eventually the PDF file was simply downloaded and saved from a news site, several hours after the announcement had been made public.

The same happened with the amount of the explosive material that was traced. While the initial reportings of the DCI made reference to 20 kg of explosives, eventually, it is less than 2 kg.( 1.610grams of ammoniodynamite – a cheap explosion substance and 290grams TNT). Not only this amount is significantly less than the initial assumptions of the «Counter-terrorism», but also cannot justify keeping a person imprisoned for a whole year and a half.

It is not the first time that the «Counter-terrorism» uses their unofficial supreme powers to enforce their decisions to the judicial authorities, in order to target and supress comrades, to prosecute, to imprison and charge people with shady or non existent evidence However it is the first time that someone remains in custody for so long, facing a heavy sentence, concerning charges not based in fabricated or poor evidence, but only on a conjective that can not be supported on any evidence on the case against him.

It is the first time since the establishment of the «Counter-terrorism» Office that a comrade is not confronted with a conspiracy of the Office, but with a farce of it.The outcome of this case in its judicial part will possibly be a barometer for the functioning of the judicial system in Greece in the running political and social situation, which is why it deserves the greatest possible publicity.

Following a postponement received on December 6, 2021, due to the incompetence of the 4th Single Member Jury, the case will be tried by the 1st Three Members Jury on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 9:00 (Loukareos Court of Appeal, 4th floor, Room D100B)

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