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Text of the two hostages comrades from the Thessaloniki police hq cells [Greece]

Thessaloniki. Greece. When the state of exception is legitimized around you, then you stand up, you take deep breaths because they are even timing the air, to go on to the end. Until victory.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Written by Thanos Xatziagkelou and Georgia Voulgari. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

In the early morning hours of Tuesday 8/2, armed forces of the SWAT (EKAM) and anti-terrorist squads storm a house at 12 Alkinoou Street in the Upper City (Άνω Πόλη)  and arrest us. This was preceded by the arson of the IETP (Foundation for National and Religious Reflection), an action for which we have not abdicated responsibility from the first moment to the extent that each of us is responsible. With hoods on our faces and chains on our hands we were kept for 28 hours in isolation in the offices of the anti-terrorist police and then we met the first comradely glances in the courts. Chained between people with no faces, with our heads held high and smiles brimming with pride for what we are, for what they are persecuting us for.

The regime of exclusion has continued inside the detention cells of the ΓΑΔΘ (Thessaloniki Police HQ ) , where every time we have attempted to intervene in the public sphere of movement we find ourselves locked in our cells, a condition that the anti-terrorist police have tried to dress up under arbitrary orders for general detention of all. A condition that must be cut at the root, as our accounts with the hooded anti-terrorist squads are our own. War has rules and an act of revolutionary violence is part of our war. However, we must from now on highlight the entire moves of the anti-terrorist police who, when they attempt to crush people and ideas, frantically look for three people to uphold and set up the criminal case of Article 187A, which deals with the establishment of a terrorist organisation. We are taking our own firm steps at the same time as the anti-terrorist police are rushing ahead in delirious optimism. On the morning of Monday 14/2, the launch of the mandatory DNA collection began, with comrade Thanos being the first to undergo this humiliating condition.

And yet the extermination plan continues upon his return to the cell where he is again summoned by State security this time. The comrade is called for a new interrogation, accused of a new criminal organization. The case concerns the eviction of the Terra Incognita squat in August 2020, with charges of manufacturing and possession of explosives, gang, forgery, theft of electricity and any other form of energy, flares and fireworks, and weapons legislation – gun violence in conjunction with another crime.

We will try to make it clear once again, both to our comrades and our enemies, that sincere engagement in the anti-authoritarian field is a choice of deep political commitment. The State beats us, imprisons us, paints people as members of organisations and rubs its hands together, wrapping our lives in a bundle of briefs. We will be reduced to the humility of impassivity. The streets are being emptied of bodies, but not dreams. In the face of an immoral world where all are faint of heart, our own full hearts herald the most deafening clangs. Strength and solidarity to our comrade Panagiotis Kalaitzis and if the intransigence of human dignity is irrepressible, then the jump was worth ten times more. With anarchy in our thought, action and lives we send from the heart the strongest message of solidarity to the struggling communities of resistance.

Thanos Xatziagkelou,

Georgia Voulgari

ΓΑΔΘ(Thessaloniki Police HQ) detention facilities, Monday 14/02/2022

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