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“I dream about peaceful, stateless, and sustainable society, but Russian aggression forces me to join the army” [Ukraine]

Ukraine. A statement by Dmitriy Mrachik, who dreams of a stateless society but stated the agression by the Russian state forces him to join the army. We republish the message of Dmitriy Mrachik without rating, it shows what kind of dillemas people have to deal with when they are confronted with an imperial war.

Image: Archive image. Remains of a civil building after heavy shelling in Donetsk. Eastern Ukraine, 1 June, 2015. Image by Mstyslav Chernov under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Originally published by Dmitriy Mrachik Telegram channel.

Just to be clear, some words about myself. My name’s Dmitry, I am of Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish and Tatar descent. I’m a tattoo-artist, shoemaker and writer.

As a democratic socialist I stand for social justice, human rights, feminism and LGBT+ rights, freedom of associations and Syndicalism. I don’t believe in nationalism but believe that people have a right for self-determination and protection of their own culture for human diversity.

I have been facing Russian chauvinism starting from the earliest years of my life. I was blamed of being Ukrainian by Russian friends and relatives. Those people just hate the fact Ukraine is a sovereign nation and have strong ressentiment against Ukraine as a different society with its own culture and political life.

Now hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fled due to Russian invasion in 2014. They lost their homes, jobs, friends and relatives while Russian proxy literally looted Donbass and took over Crimea.

I have no problems with Russia except the fact that it denies Ukraine’s right for independence and right for self-defence. I dream about peaceful, stateless, and sustainable society, but Russian aggression forces me to join the army so I’ll face the new circle of war in an officer’s rank.

I believe that a far-right problem is a common illness for every nation and think that every nation has to fight it itself. Right now Ukraine is a democratic republic with the best human rights record among all post-Soviet states. I will fight for my republic and probably die for it because I have no other one.

It would be great if my Western readers spread truthful information about ongoing Russian aggression and help Ukrainians to get ready for future battle.

Dmitriy Mrachik

February 22, 2022

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