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Political position of the anarchist prisoner Thanos Xatziagkelou on the attack on the IETF [Greece]

Thessaloniki. Greece. Political statement of the anarchist prisoner Th. Xatziagkelou for the attack on the Foundation for National and Religious Reflection (FNRR),Thessaloniki.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by antirinfo.

Gender-based violence is not just a fact. It is a constantly imposed normality of patriarchal suffocation. Daily femicides, countless rapes and abuses, offensive and ironic comments, questioning and bullying. And when they receive the divine anointing  of the civilized darkness that the church represents, the irreconcilable anger materialises, takes to the streets and seeks justice. Revolutionary violence attributes responsibility. 

On 21/01 another piece completes the puzzle of cultural decay that dominates the social and political life. A 37-year-old pedophile priest is accused of systematic lechery against an 11-year-old girl who was attending the catechism of the religious pimping herd in the neighborhood of Patissia (downtown Athens). Sadness, disgust, anger but above all responsibility. Responsibility not to bury another incident among so many disgusting incidents that compose the stink of the holy mafia. Responsibility not to leave anything unanswered. If responsibility is not transformed into action it ends up  getting lost in the vortex between acceptance and resignation. I did the arson attack on the National and Religious Foundation Concerns because the refusal of acceptance arms the resoluteness of the fairness of the act. 

Because I do not expect justice from those who systematically cover the normalization of gender-based violence and death by asking for explanations and apologies from us. I made a highly symbolic political intervention in one of the ”holy mafia” body sending only one clear message: In the laws of submission, revolutionary justice is the only way. 

Our structured captivity shows nothing more than the polarization that feeds two worlds in constant abruption and collision. I proudly take on the responsibility that falls upon me, with my head held high and a smile on my face even if it costs me the loss of my individual freedom, even if it means the beginning of a new witch hunt and that’s because my own responsibilities weigh as much as the mountains. With our bodies trapped in walls, railings and chains, but our hearts always free, we continue our struggle for equality, justice and self-determination.

My complete support, love and solidarity with the two persecuted,Georgia Voulgari and Panagiotis Kalaitzis. My undivided appreciation for the hundreds of hearts beating on our side and a promise that we will not bend for a moment. We are on war.



          Thanos Xatziagkelou

          Anarchist prisoner, 

          General Police Department Of Thessaloniki, 12/02/2022 

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