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Call for Peace, Support of the Ukrainian People and for Solidarity with All Refugees

As a result of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, more than half a million people have been displaced. The invasion was an escalation of a war that had been going on since 2014 and has since killed around 14,000 people. A Eurocentric view only took notice of the conflict when it escalated and became a threat to Western Europe.

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

We express solidarity with refugees, and in particular with those BIPOC – mainly people from Africa and Asia – who were prevented from fleeing from Ukraine to the EU. We demand the admission of all refugees around the world!
We strongly condemn the racist rhetoric of various media, which label white, European, Christian refugees as “real refugees” while denying the right to protection of BIPOC refugees – even those who are staying Ukraine. The war of aggression in Ukraine is terrible, but the wars in Kurdistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Еritrea and other countries are also terrible. Everyone has the right to protection. We want to draw attention to the vulnerable situation of Roma in Ukraine whose suffering have been made invisible by the media. We call to support humanitarian organisations of the Roma minority.

We are calling for humanitarian & medical aid to affected people in the region. We demand pacifism instead of war rhetoric. Even if pacifism sounds utopian at the moment, this utopia is still right and constitutes hope.

While Russia is waging a war of aggression in Ukraine, the anti-war movement in Russia is experiencing repression against its fundamental right to protest on the streets. We also want to express our solidarity with them. It is prohibited to name the war as a war in Russia – instead, it is called ’special operation’, and the public prosecuter scares anyone who dares to express support to people in Ukraine with 20 years of prison on the cround of ’high treason’. We want to express solidarity with the anti-war movement in Russia! For a worldwide peace movement! We also speak out against discrimination of Russian and Russian-speaking immigrants falsly assused of being responsible for Putin’s war of aggression.

Those who are affected most by Great-Russian imperialism and ethnic nationalism are those who already experience discrimination in the society society: BIPOC, queer people, trans*, inter*, non-binary people, and cis women. Russia is currently also waging an ideological war against the LGBTQIA+ movement, which is reflected in repressive laws, but also outright violence. But it is not only Putin, but Duda in Poland or Orban in Hungary as well who celebrate this kind a world view, which can be seen as an expression of a crisis of Western and Russian capitalism.

BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and trans*, inter*, non-binary people, and cis women in Ukraine and Russia are the most vulnerable people in war and they must be guaranteed protection!

Peace instead of Great Russian imperialism and ethnic nationalism!

The perspective is intersectional!

Written by refugees who have been directly affected by Great Russian imperialism but not by the invasion of Ukraine, and by non-refugee People of Color.

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