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Resistance Committee: A Call [Ukraine]

A call from Resistance Committee, anti-authoritarian forces that have organized their own international unit within the territorial defense of Ukraine.

Originally published by Resistance Committee.

Don’t wait for Russian imperialism to come to your door, join the fight now! Together we will win!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support!
Our platoon has already received the first batch of parcels. Now we are waiting for the equipment, which is hard to buy in Kyiv + we are looking for vehicles for maximum efficiency of battle groups.

The unit continues to form — experienced fighters are already on the combat missions while the rest are actively preparing to give a worthy rebuff to putin’s horde.

We want to see even more like-minded intelligent people in our ranks. Those who will stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the war for the freedom of Ukraine. A green light was given to replenish the platoon with foreigners who have combat experience — we need fighters who can pass on their skills and send as many putinists to hell as possible!

People without special experience are also needed: a training camp will be organized where you can learn the basics + we need to relieve the volunteers a little. They do not sleep at night, supporting all the defenders of the country with their hard work.

Those wishing to become fighters can contact us by:

!!! Transportation will be organized within two days !!!

Don’t wait for Russian imperialism to come to you, join the fight now!
Together we will win!

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