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Anti-war leaflets to distribute [Russia]

Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine continues. Protests all over Russia continue as well.

Originally published by Avtonom.

It is important that those protests don’t stop. The world is watching Russian citizens, what will they do? Will they support the army that the Kremlin and billionaires sent to occupy the neighboring country? Or there is no one who is happy about this war. Do all Russians need this war or only Putin and his gang?

We urge Russian soldiers to desert, not to obey the criminal orders of officers and to leave Ukraine immediately. We urge everyone else to continue to take the streets and protest. We publish anti war leaflets to print and distribute.

  1. “Ты заплатишь за путинскую войну”
  2. “24 февраля Кремль начал войну”
  3. “Мир народам, бой правителям”
  4. “Нет войне”
  5. “Это не наша война”

On February the 24th at 4 AM Putin’s regime started a full scale war against Ukraine. Tanks are moving into some regions of Ukraine, cities are under missile attacks, civil people suffer. People of Russia and Ukraine are against this war. But if we keep silent we’d become accomplices of Putin and his gang in his criminal actions against the Ukrainian people. Let’s say No to the war.

You will pay for Putin’s war with

  • taxes
  • closed borders
  • poverty
  • ban of services
  • information vacuum.

Say no to military intervention to Ukraine. Peace to people, fight the rulers!

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