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Spring is coming: take to the streets against the war [Russia]

The Russian army has invaded Ukraine. Putin has gone mad, and now his army is bombing cities, shooting civilians and killing children. Already more than a million people have fled Ukraine to escape from Putin’s “liberators”.

Originally published by Avtonom. Translated by Riot Turtle with support from translation software.

We refuse to submit to Russian military censorship and say openly and clearly: this is a war. It is a war of aggression waged by the Russian army. Ukrainians are successfully defending themselves at gunpoint against the occupiers, but we, who are in Russia now, cannot look the other way. We must show ourselves and the world that we are against this war, that only Putin and his gang need it. To stand up against the war – that is the real antifascism at the moment.

The big day of action against the war will take place in Russia on March 6, this coming Sunday. Come to the central squares of your cities. In Moscow, one of the gatherings is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Three Stations Square. There are gatherings at 7 pm and at other hours. Decide and organize yourselves, or join your friends. The most important thing is to take to the streets.

Now Russian authorities are panicking. They have already realized that they will lose the war. Therefore, they hysterically threaten opponents of the war with banishment, sacking, immediate enlistment in the army and imprisonment. Have no fear of them. Ukrainians are protesting in their cities with bare hands against the occupiers. Against soldiers with machine guns. Against tanks. Can you still have fear of a rusty Russian police car after that?

We demand an immediate end to the war. We demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. This is the most important condition for further steps: Russian aggression must stop. We must stop the loss of human lives. Yes, Putin did not ask us when he made his invasion plans – but we did not stop him in time. We must do so now, at least.

Our main goal is, of course, to end the war in Ukraine. But we must also fight for the future of Russia. The mad dictator doesn’t have much time left: the war he hasn’t won yet, hasn’t gone according to plan, and it’s only a question of time and the right means to remove him. But what is the next step after Putin?

The countries that make up the “Russian Federation” are currently at a historical crossroads. The collapse of Putin’s regime could set emancipatory processes in motion. Undoubtedly, they will not immediately lead to an anarchist model – but at least Russia will then no longer be at war with the rest of the world and its own population. On the wave of change, there is also the chance of major changes in the political system in the direction of stronger decentralization – for example, the complete abolition of the presidential system and the transition to a parliamentary republic, which we have been talking about for a long time.

But another version of “what comes after Putin” is also possible: an even stronger consolidation of the regime, a complete closure of all borders and a break with international contacts. The blocking of half of the Internet in Russia tonight is only the first measure. There will be no more power for conquest wars, but this will not improve the situation for the population: it will go to a state reminiscent of North Korea. And there is no anarchist movement in North Korea. Not at all.

Now, in the coming days and weeks, we have a unique opportunity. Putin’s authoritarian regime has made a fatal mistake and is staggering. If the Kremlin psychopath does not press the nuclear button, he will not be in office much longer. And now everything depends on us, the citizens of Russia. If we remain silent, the agenda will quickly be taken over by the isolationists and conservatives who are in the majority at the highest levels of government. But if we take action ourselves, we will win. A rusty giant only needs one push to crumble into dust.

Take to the streets on March 6. If you can’t come on March 6, come on other days. If you can’t take to the streets at all, protest against the war in other ways: hand out flyers, hang stickers, write “No to War” on masks, hang posters from balconies. Finally, talk to the people. This is more important now than studying, more important than work, more important than anything in the world. Now not only the fate of Ukraine is decided, but also that of Russia. Our future will be decided – and only we will be responsible for what it will look like.

Winter is about to end. Spring is coming.

Avtonom (Autonomous Action) , March 04, 2022.

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