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Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi: War and senile dementia [Ukraine]

Another translation of ‘Bifo” for which we sincerely thank comrade Thomas Walter, who can now live in safety from the targeting squads of the German repressive authorities in exile in Venezuela and who translated the text for us in German. The Spanish version from which the translation was made can be found here. Sunzi Bingfa. Riot Turtle translated the text into English for Enough 14.

Originally published by Lobo Suelto. Translated from the German version at Sunzi Bingfa. Translated by Riot Turtle.

To extinguish

Anéantir, Houellebecq’s last book has seven hundred pages, but half of it would have been enough. It is not his best book, but it is the most desperate, hopeless and choleric expression of the decline of the dominant species.

Deep into France. A family gathers around the eighty-year-old father who has suffered a brain attack. A never-ending coma of the old patriarch, who had worked for the secret service. His son Paul, who also works for the secret service and also for the Ministry of Finance, discovers that he is suffering from an incurable cancer. The other son, Aurelien, Paul’s brother, commits suicide, unable to face a life full of defeats.

What remains is his daughter Cecile, a fundamentalist Catholic married to a fascist notary who has lost his job but found a new one in the circles of the far-right around Le Pen.

The incurable disease is the central theme of the mediocre novel: The Agony of Western Civilization. It is not a pleasant spectacle, but the white brain does not surrender to the inevitable. The reaction of the dying old white men is tragic.

The environment in which this agony develops is the France of today, whose culture has been destroyed by forty years of liberal aggression. A ghost country where the political struggle takes place within the Mephistophelian square of aggressive nationalism, white racism, Islamic resentment and economic fundamentalism.

But the scenario is also a post-global world, threatened by the senile dementia of the dominant culture in sick decay: white, christian, imperialist.

Agony, war, suicide

It is the eastern border of Europe: two old white men play a game from which no one can retreat.

The old white American has returned from the most shameful and tragic defeat. Worse than Saigon, Kabul is stuck in the consciousness as an expression of the mental chaos of the ruling “race”.

The old white Russian knows that his power is based on a nationalist promise: It is about avenging the raped honor of Holy Mother Russia.

Whoever gives up loses everything.

We know that Putin is a fascist since the Chechen war ended with genocide. But it was a fascist who was kindly received by the President of the United States while looking him in the eye and saying that he understands that he is honest. He was also received kindly by the white British, fat from the rubles that Putin’s friends had stolen after the dismantling of the Soviet Union. The Russian leader and the Anglo-Americans were close friends as long as it was a matter of destroying the social civilization, the heritage of the proletarian and communist movement. But the friendship between murderers does not last. After all, what would NATO have been good for if peace had actually arrived? And where would the gigantic profits of the companies producing weapons of mass destruction be?

The expansion of NATO served to renew a hostility that capitalism cannot do without.

There is no rational explanation for the war in Ukraine because it is the culmination of a psychotic crisis of the white brain. Where is the rationality of NATO expansion arming Polish, Baltic and Ukrainian Nazis against Russian fascism? In return, Biden gets the outcome U.S. strategists most feared: He has pushed Russia and China into a union that Nixon successfully destroyed fifty years ago. That is why, to understand the coming war, we dont need geopolitics, we need psychopathology. Perhaps we need psychotic geopolitics.

In fact, it is about the political, economic, demographic, and perhaps psychological decline of white civilization, which cannot accept the prospect of exhaustion and instead prefers total destruction, suicide, the gradual extinction of white dominance.

The West – Future – Decay

The war in Ukraine opens a hysterical arms race, a reinforcement of sealing off borders, a growing state of violence: a demonstration of forces that are in fact an expression of the senile chaos into which the West has fallen.

On February 23, 2022, when Russian troops had already invaded Donbass, Trump, the ex-president and candidate for the next presidency, said Putin was a pacification genius. He suggests the U.S. should send a similar army to the border with Mexico.

We are trying to understand what the obscene Trump means. What is the true core of his delirium? It is about the very concept of the West. But who is the West?

If we use a geographical definition of the word “West”, Russia does not belong to it. But if we think of the anthropological and historical core of this word, then Russia is more Western than any other part of the West.

The West is the land of decadence. But it is also the land of obsession for the future. And both things are one, because for the organisms subjected to the second thermodynamic law, such as the individual and social bodies, the future means decay.

The Western West and the West of the gigantic Russian fatherland are thus united in futurism and decay, that is, in the delirium of omnipotence and desperate powerlessness.

To Trump’s credit, he calls a spade a spade: our enemies are not the Russians, but the peoples of the southern hemisphere whom we have exploited for centuries and who now want to share the wealth of the planet with us and migrate to our countries. The enemy is China, which we have humiliated, Africa, which we have plundered. Not White Russia, which belongs to the Great West.

Trump’s logic is built on white supremacy, of which Russia is the extreme vanguard.

Biden’s logic is the defense of the free world, which would naturally be his, born out of a genocide, out of the deportation of millions of slaves, a systematically racist world. Biden breaks apart the Great West in favor of a West without Russia, destined to tear itself apart and drag the whole planet into its suicide.

We try to define the West as the realm of a dominant “race” obsessed with the future. An expansive impulse is prevailing: Economic growth, accumulation, capitalism. It is precisely this obsession with the future that fuels the machine of dominance: the transformation of the concrete present (i.e., pleasure and to let go) into abstract future value.

If we reformulate the foundations of the Marxist analysis of value a little bit, we could say that the exchange value is precisely this accumulation of the present, that is, of the concrete, into abstract forms (like money) that can be exchanged tomorrow.

This fixation on the future is not a natural human cognitive modality at all. The majority of human cultures are built on a cyclical perception of time, or on the unsurpassable expansion of the present. Futurism is the transition to the full self-consciousness of expanding cultures, even in ethics. But the various futurists are different and sometimes contradictory. The obsession for the future has different effects in the theological-utopian sphere in Russian culture, and in the technical-economic sphere that is characteristic of Euro-American culture.

The cosmism of Federov, the futurism of Mayakovsky contain a scatological touch that the technocratic fanaticism of Marinetti and his American disciples like Elon Musk completely lack.

Maybe that’s why it falls to Russia to clean up the history of the West. Because that is what is happening right now.

Fascism is everywhere

Having crossed the threshold of the pandemic, the new panorama is the war that confronts fascism with fascism. Günther Anders already predicted in his writings in the sixties (The Antiquity of Man) that the nihilistic burden of Nazism was not exhausted with the defeat and would return to the world stage as a result of the technical power that generates a sense of humiliation of the human will and its reduction to powerlessness.

Now we can observe fascism resurgent as a psychopolitical form of the demented body of the white “race,” which is responding quite vividly to its merciless crash. Viral chaos has set the stage for the creation of a global biopolitical infrastructure, but it has also painted the horror picture of ungovernability, with the chaotic proliferation of material, which leaves order, dissolves and dies.

The Western brain has removed death because it is incompatible with the obsession for the future. It eliminates aging because it is incompatible with expansion. But now the demographic, cultural and even economic obsolescence of the dominant cultures of the North appears like a specter that the white culture cannot even think about, and which is already completely impossible for it to accept.

So here we have the white brain, those of Biden and Putin, entering a violent crisis of senile dementia. The wildest of them all, Donald Trump, is telling a truth that no one wants to hear: Putin is our best friend. Of course he’s a white supremacist, but so are we. Biden embodies the powerless rage that the old feel when they become aware of the decline of their physical strength, spiritual energy and mental efficiency. Now that exhaustion is entering an advanced stage, extinction is the only comforting prospect.

Can humanity save itself from the crushing violence of the death throes of the demented brain of Western, Russian, European and American civilization?

No matter how the invasion of Ukraine develops, whether it becomes a permanent occupation (unlikely) or ends with the withdrawal of Russian troops after they have defeated the military apparatus provided to Kiev by the Euro-Americans (likely), the conflict cannot be resolved with the defeat of one or the other of the old patriarchs. None of them can withdraw without having won. Therefore, this invasion seems to introduce a potentially global phase of the war, which may also become nuclear.

The question that remains unanswered at the moment is about the non-Western world, which has suffered the arrogance, violence and exploitation of Europe, Russia and finally America since a few centuries. In the suicidal war that the West has unleashed against the other West, the first victims are those who have suffered the madness of the two West, those who do not want war but have to suffer the consequences.

The final war against humanity has begun.

The only thing we can do is to ignore it, to leave it, to turn fear into thinking together and to come to terms with the inevitable together, because only in this way the unpredictable can take place in the adversity: peace, pleasure, life.

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