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We are all 129 a,b,c,d – Call for open solidarity assembly [Berlin]

Berlin. Call for open solidarity assembly. Sunday, 13.03.22, 5 p.m., New Yorck / Bethanien. Please come tested.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (Tor adress).

For some time now, the number of investigations for the construction of a criminal or terrorist organization has been growing, driven by the federal public prosecutor’s office.

The proceeding currently running against Lina, other defendants and accused that have not yet been dealt with shows us, as other proceedings have shown repeatedly before, several contradictions, problems and fields of conflict surrounding political solidarity with people affected by repression quite plainly.

From an anti-authoritarian/anarchist perspective, we consider it necessary to call for an open assembly, with a special focus on the §129 trial Antifa Ost. To discuss and politically analyse together what repression and the state’s current conspicuous use of §129 means for us and the movement, and to fight together for a mutual aid based emancipatory revolutionary future.

In our opinion, solidarity consists of several factors: Firstly, the very concrete one towards the prisoners, namely in the organisation of money, books, clothes and emotional support. And an offensive way of expressing, with statements or conscious silence towards repressive institutions, our sustained rejection of the existing conditions. In other words: defending our ideas at all levels and in every terrain in which we move. We are concerned with offensive solidarity that actually shows what we are fighting for. It should be primarily about the questions of our struggle, why do we intervene at these points and what is the necessity of these struggles? The state attacks them because they are disruptive. What better way than to strengthen and broaden them?

Horizontal, open and common organising and exchange is the basis of solidarity. So let’s find ways together to fight against the repressive blows of the state.

The penal code 129 has its roots in the 19th century. From 1871 to 1945, it was used to criminalize associations of the workers’ movement or communists in particular – hostile associations to the state. In the Federal Republic of Germany, § 129 was nominally directed against “criminal associations”, but in practice it continued to be directed against political leftists. In the 1950s, tens of thousands of preliminary proceedings were initiated against members of the KPD. In the 1980s, hundreds of squatters were investigated under $ 129. The law was intensified in 1976 in the course of the escalating state action against the Red Army Faction. The introduction of Paragraph 129a, which punishes the “formation of a terrorist organisation”, was punished with up to ten years in prison. Preliminary proceedings are automatically taken over by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office – which has thus become the persecution center against radical left groups. This was also the case with the Antifa Ost proceedings. With the exception of section 129b, “criminal or terrorist organisation abroad”, which is often used to jail members of Kurdish and Turkish structures, proceedings under 129 and 129a are often dropped and are often used to intimidate and investigate structures.

Terror files, a jungle of paragraphs and surveillance techniques are used to prevent and attack processes of self-organisation and collective refusal – and emancipatory development in general.

Another aspect that becomes apparent in this 129 process- is that with its implementation, the “criminal act” is no longer the focus of law enforcement. The state is not so interested in the fact that a person beats up another person, that a car is burned, a stone is thrown, a window is broken, a bank is set on fire, etc. The action and its consequences fade into the background. What really matters and what moves such accusations, not only here in Germany but also in other European countries and beyond, is the political idea behind the action. The idea behind each action is the real danger to the state and as such must be punished, arrested, stopped in every way before it spreads, becomes reproducible and gets into the heads and hands of other people. Criminalisation through §129 shows itself to be a perfect tool set up to crush any political idea that rebels against the power claims of capital, the patriarch or the colonialist.

In today’s movements, there are often strong impulses towards reformist sectional struggles, moving away from the ability to support each other in different liberation struggles and recognizing and fighting the intertwining of different forms of oppression. Against the these isolation between struggles, we connect our solidarity against the §129 and our fight against fascism with a struggle against every domination!

Every individual who openly fights against the state and its various forms of domination and oppression, alone or together with others, should bear in mind that this kind of accusation might come knocking on their door. But this should not frighten us! We should not isolate and distance ourselves, but strengthen the links in our struggles, in our lives and solidarity and relations with each other to be hostile and offensive to the attacks of the state.

Since November 2020, the comrade Lina is in preventive detention and is accused under § 129 together with 9 others of having formed a criminal organization to attack Neo-Nazis structures.The trial, which has been going on since September 8, is taking place in Dresden in a high-security courtroom formerly built for the Freital Nazi group, in front of the Federal Constitutional Court. At the moment, Lina and 3 of the other accused are on trial. It appears that it may come to invitations of witness and further accused, in the near future. Many may also have noticed that the trial and solidarity are overshadowed by the bestial effects of the Patriarchate. Now, once again, we do not want to surrender deadly to the ruling circumstances and call for offensive solidarity in our struggles against the ruling circumstances.

The media’s presentation of Lina as either an innocent girl corrupted by her boyfriend or a violent leader of a gang of thugs feeds into a sexist and patriarchal narrative of the prevailing conditions in which FLINTA+ who do not fit a certain role are judged as deviating from the norm and this pisses us off. She has been held captive behind state walls for over a year now without any condem.

Lina must get out! Through the wall- until it breaks! Until all are Free!

NO ONE ALONE IN THE HANDS OF THE STATE! Freedom for Lina! Freedom for all!

Sunday, 13.03.22 – 5 p.m. – New Yorck / Bethanien – Please come tested (Berlin)

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