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Activists occupied mansion of russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska [London, UK]

London. UK. March 14. 2022. Squatters in London have occupied a Russian Oligarchs mansion – 5 Belgrave Square. Cops have maintained a presence outside, and support is welcomed.

Source @resist_london Twitter account.

The oligarch in question is Oleg Deripaska, war supporter, one of the sanctioned oligarchs. “One of the most favorite Putin’s oligarchs as he called himself not that long time before the war. Fuck him. His property is in process of liberation and it belongs to Ukrainian refugees!”

The squatters are using a version of the Section 6 notice known as the “protest defense”, in which they do not intend to live and sleep at the property, but are instead occupying it as a protest, on rotation. This is because of the 2012 law change on residential property.

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Russian Elite’s – You Occupy Ukraine, We Occupy You

Network 23

Statement by London squatters:

We Are Anarchists. We Occupy this property in protest against Putin and his world. This mansion is owned by a Russian Oligarch, Complicit in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Do we need to remind you why Putin Sucks?
The invasion of Ukraine is only the latest episode in a long series, from the support of Assad in Syria to the neo-nazi Wanger militia assistanting dictatorship, concentration camps for LGBT+ people, ecosides, brutal wealth inequality, far right troll farms and so on.

By Occupying this mansion, We want to show solidarity for the people on Ukraine but also for the people of Russia who never agreed to this madness.
We want to show our sympathy to the brave protesters who have been in the belly of the beast, and suffer unjust imprisonment for staying up to Putin.

Finally a few words for the elites here in the UK, who have been Putins Minions for years. You received bribes, you managed Oligarch’s property, you even adopted Putin’s authoritarian attitude to protest and decent. FUCK YOU TOO.

This mansion will serve as a refugee support,  for people of Ukraine and people of all nations and ethnicity.


This first appeared on NFA Anti-Fascists.

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