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Feminist mob rioted in Kreuzberg [Berlin]

Berlin. As we have noticed more often in recent months, there is hardly any press coverage of our attacks on the city of the rich and our moments of offensive solidarity.

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Translated by Riot Turtle.

So here’s a revised version of the crappy BZ article on the spontaneous feminist demo that took place on March 07:

On Tuesday night, employees of a private security service informed the police about actions at the office building of the Pandion company on Prinzenstraße. Pandion is an actor in the sellout of the city and is for example also involved in displacement in the Lasker neighborhood of Friedrichshain.

On the spot, they told the police officers that they had heard many windows of the building being smashed.

After that, they saw a dark-clad and hooded crowd of up to 50 people moving from the Prinzenstraße/Ritterstraße intersection. There, ATMs and windows of car-sharing cars were also destroyed. Here, it was made sure that no car windows of local residents were destroyed.

They loudly chanted feminist slogans. Some people of the group held flares and smoke pots in their hands. On the sidewalk in front of the building, the witnesses noticed several small cobblestones that had not been there before.

Other citizens also called the police to Ritterstraße/Lobeckstraße and Wassertorstraße, because they also saw a hooded group of people with burning pyrotechnics there. The group fled far before the arrival of the police officers.

On the facade of a house on Wassertorstraße, however, the police found a freshly smeared feminist slogan and at the intersection of Ritterstraße and Segitzdamm a trash can that had been set on fire.

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