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A brief update on our preliminary examination calls regarding the eviction of Terra Incognita squat [Thessaloniki]

On 14th of February the state security called us together with other comrades for a preliminary examination on 23rd of February as “suspects” to explain ourselves regarding the case file of Terra Incognita squat getting evicted on 17/8/2020.

Originally published by Terra Incognita.

This is a new repressive movement that comes to be added after the arrests on the 8th of February, with 3 of our companions G. Voulgari, Panos Kalaitzis and Th. Chatziaggelou (member of our collective) getting arrested after the arson attack at the FNRR (Foundation for National and Religious Reflection). On the 14th of February, after the forced DNA collection of our comrade Th. Chatziaggelou, we are informed that he was called for a new interrogation process regarding the eviction of Terra Incognita squat. In the following days, other calls were sent to people. The voluminous case file contains charges for making and possessing explosives, forming a gang, forgery, theft of electricity and any other form of energy, flares and fireworks and the legislation on weapons – use of weapons in combination with another crime. We got a deadline for the 9th of March, as the case file had not even been given to the lawyers themselves to have a full update of the “data”, and on that date the memorandums were submitted in the presence of the lawyers.Between the people that have been called there are some members of our collective, but there are, also, people that did not actively participate in the squat and others that used to participate in other collectives during the years.

We come to witness once again how the state targets the people who chose to support open assemblies and events of the squat with their presence while using their fingerprints on some items as the only evidence to justify this attack. To make it clear, now they target people only because of their presence in an open political space where events, solidarity kitchens, manifestations, workshops and so much more were taking place. They target people who practically supported the squat against any type of attack. They criminalize the concept of the squat itself, the movement that chooses to support the existence of such structures and those underly their importance in a system which constantly takes away everything that we have won through years of struggling.

We will not state again what the meaning of squats is for us, and how highly we value their existence in a world that is full of poverty, unemployment, death, and suicides due to dead ends. In an alienated life where personalization, money, commodification, competition, and “backups” thrive, we defend squats a means of small yet important “liberation” of life.

Building can be reoccupied. Structures can be rebuilt. Our relationships and bonds that have created because of them cannot be repressed by any state, cop or power. What matters is the continuation of the struggle against the state, the capital and power. A struggle that will be continued as long as we carry in our hearts and minds the ideas of liberation and anarchy.

All we have to say is that we were and are unrepentant squatters!

Squats are the past, the present and the future of the struggle for liberation

And we are flesh of their flesh

Nothing is over, everything continues

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