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Anarchist Black Cross — Irkutsk resumes activities [Russia]

Over the last couple of years, post-Soviet countries have been rocked by popular uprisings that have revived hope for political and social transformation — such as the popular uprising in Belarus in 2020 and in Kazakhstan in 2022. Putin’s regime has acted as a guarantor of dictatorships in both countries, and has strengthened the authoritarian regime in Russia itself over the past two decades. Since the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian regime has conducted a particularly harsh crackdown on all those who disagree with militarism and war, imposing military censorship and tightening its grip on society’s throat in the country.

Originally published by Anarchist Black Cross Irkutsk.

We believe that the ABC should actively support people organizing against the regime and bring an anarchist agenda to the defense against the state’s attack on the protesting population.

The Anarchist Black Cross in Irkutsk has its own history. After a period of being quiet, we believe that we should regroup and resume our activities in the face of the coming months and years, which could bring both a liberatory «Russian spring» and strengthening of the authoritarian regime. And it depends on us, among others, whether we, as an anarchist movement, will be able to bring our contribution to the side of liberating social change, in the hope that it will outweigh Putin’s regime.

  • Raising funds to provide necessary assistance to our comrades, as well as to those who have suffered because of their protest activities against the Russian state — as much as we can within our capacities
  • Informing about persecution — both in Russia and abroad
  • Giving material and moral support to imprisoned anarchists and anarchists, and to others who need our help — sending packages and parcels, correspondence, and help to those who have already served their sentences
  • Conducting training sessions and seminars aimed at preparing participants in the anarchist movement to face the law (arrest, interrogation, etc.), as well as at increasing the level of information security in the protest movement and its resistance to repression
  • Organizing solidarity actions
  • Channeling material support for the anarchist movement

In the present circumstances, we need all the support we can get to conduct the activities of ABC and the anarchist movement as a whole. The anarchist movement in Russia, including Irkutsk, is in a difficult situation, which concerns all possible kinds of resources.
You can support us in any way you can — informational, material or otherwise. As for material support, you can send us finances using the cryptocurrency requisites below (contact us before sending any funds):

  • Bitcoin: bc1q06q9pmw6z5uzd4nddgd9wca8jytqcwg7vqnjdg
  • Dash: XdQWL15vMwKMs34CzQXXFLD3tdWZUskpEj
  • Ethereum: 0x1AaE40e06d22747469BC7a3A1a838605eA877763
  • Z cash:t1b8ghjorum5c5FFoGQ14cemdt9rnZjmu4U
  • Monero: 49KA9U63ErpaqESbnkrunnjaedaHhHvH3dvfcxo472aUZNuTZt899NpSQwzAPLGU42ZueGU69TZ3HhgNqLa3hEz9Qqew269

Russia must be free. In this respect, we join the international revolutionary struggle in all the rest of the world — for a free society, dignity, self-determination and autonomy. No one is free until everyone is free.

Revolutionary greetings from Siberia,

Anarchist Black Cross — Irkutsk

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