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Mass marches met by more deadly violence in Sudan capital

Sudan. March 28. 2022. The main and secondary streets of the three main cities of Khartoum state, saw mass protests again on Saturday and Sunday as part of the peaceful revolutionary escalation to resist the coup announced by the coordination of the Resistance Committees in the Sudan capital for the last week of March.

Originally published by Dabanga.

In Khartoum, Bahri, and Omdurman, government forces reacted violently with live ammunition and tear gas on Saturday, which left one protestor dead and 24 others wounded, five with gunshot wounds. According to the field report of the Sudanese Doctors Committee, three demonstrators who were wounded by live ammunition fired from automatic assault rifles.

The report also showed seven cases of body injury with tear gas canisters, in addition to four separate cases of injury as a result of beating with batons. Some demonstrator sustained superficial wounds after a stampede drove them into barbed wire.

Tear gas used in Dudan protest (File photo: Social media)

The joint forces launched arrest campaigns and raids on homes in Umbada El Hara, and launched stun grenades in an attempt to drive revolutionaries off the streets.

More protests are scheduled for the rest of the week: A march in neighbourhoods today to support teachers, a comprehensive protest march in the capital from 5 am to 6 pm on Tuesday, and public addresses in the markets about the high cost of living on Wednesday, and a March of the Millions planned for Thursday, March 31, in the capital and the states.

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