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Anarchist Days in Leipzig – April 25th -May 1st 2022

Leipzig. German territory. Come to the Anarchist Days in Leipzig (April 25th -May 1st 2022). Call and program.

Originally published by Anarchist Days Leipzig.

Anarchist Days Leipzig poster (PDF):

Call to Action!

Anarchist Days in Leipzig (April 25th -May 1st 2022)

Living in dystopian times

What drives us is the rage against the existing conditions.

Class society and neo-colonialism, Fortress Europe and the rise of fascism, patriarchy and white supremacy, pandemic and nationalised life – wherever we look, the world is sinking into the chaos of the ruling order. Every day we have to come to terms with the fact that the existing conditions are actually untenable. And that is often not easy for us. Yet at least some of our views are shared by far more people than we think possible.

Fighting with global inspiration where we live

All over the world, people are fighting for their dignity, against exploitation and femicide, against racist discrimination, authoritarian oppression, the destruction of ecosystems and for emancipatory/feminist utopias. Whether in Chile, Belarus, the USA or Sudan – no matter how hard life is made for the people, they do not let themselves be diverted from their struggles. The issues and groups that are coming together in the social movements are increasingly overlapping. They may have the potential of a social revolution if they fight for a common utopia.

As inspiring as we find these social struggles in other areas, it is precisely because they are connected that we are most likely to make a difference where we live.

Anarchist Tendencies in Leipzig

There is some potential for anarchist approaches in Leipzig. Squatting after the fall of the DDR, the continuous work of left structures and the resulting influx of potentially anti-authoritarian people have laid a good foundation. At the same time, we should not let ourselves be deceived by the narratives of the media and the police, because Leipzig is not the radical left stronghold par excellence. We want to have a realistic view of things here in Leipzig in order to be able to develop our potential. Let’s tackle the structures of domination and dare more anarchy. Even if we don’t have a perfect plan to get out of this misery together, there are already some utopias of a better society that we want to fight for.

Developing Anarchist Perspectives

Anarchism still has a hard time in Germany. For this very reason, we know that it is up to us to further develop and spread anarchist ideas. It is up to us to make clear what anarchism is and to define what it means to us. From the anarchist bubble to the anarchist movement – that is our goal!

For this reason we also say: May 1st is our day!

The workers’ movement around the massacre in Chicago on May Day in 1886 was decisively anarchist, like so many other revolutionary struggles in which basic rights that are normal for us today were fought for. We don’t let this day be taken away from us by authoritarian communists or the many east German fascists.

We have our own stories, our own perspectives and we stand up for them – especially on May Day!

Building structures and becoming capable of action

We are against the state!

We need reliable structures and self-organised spaces to gather, to confront everyday problems and to build a life free of domination together!

We also need to recognise and build on the successes that emancipatory social movements have achieved time and again. Here, we are concerned with connecting the different groups, issues and perspectives – by relating our different struggles in different places to each other. Instead of dreaming romantically of a “liberated society”, it is important to fight today for a change in conditions!

The Anarchist Days should be a step towards making this possible. We want to create a space where different people can meet and exchange ideas. As an organizing group, this is an experiment for us that also lives from it. Therefore, think about whether and how you can get involved. Bring friends, materials, curiosity and rebellious passion. There will be lectures and discussions. We will be present on the streets with parties, actions and powerful demonstrations.

For the social revolution!

iViva laAnarchía!

First program overview of the Anarchist Days

The Anarchist Days are less than 2 months away. If you have already read the call and you are interested, you are probably wondering what exactly the days will look like.

The program will be as follows:

From Monday to Thursday (April 25th – 28th) there will be one event each evening at different places of the anti-authoritarian movement. There will be workshops, lectures and films, and afterwards there will always be a chance to exchange ideas and have discussions and conversations over a drink or a meal.

On Friday (April 29th) there will be several lectures, workshops, readings and discussions all day at Gieszer 16. In the evening, we want to close the days of content with a party together with you.

On Saturday (April 30th) there will be a brunch from 11 am and from noon onwards there will be a park festival in Rabet in east Leipzig, where there will be workshops, information stands, games and many opportunities to get together with food and drinks.

On May 1st, we will also take to the streets with an anarchist demonstration through Leipzig East.

From now on we will regularly publish the upcoming events with short texts on our blog.

So stay tuned!

More information:

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