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“Autonomous Action” (Avtonom) has always been a group that spreads anarchism in the Russian-speaking world. We don’t care about national borders. But no matter which states our activists are based, social change in Russia is very important to us.

Originally published by Avtonom. Translated by Riot Turtle with the help of translation tools. We apologize for possible minor mistakes.

In this regard, for many years we have tried to comply with Russian law as much as possible to avoid a full-scale blocking of and our social networks. Every year this became more difficult, the bans became more absurd, but we tried to remain unblocked. Now, when you can’t call a war a war, and you can’t be against it, these tactics don’t work anymore.

As a logical result, and our Vkontakte group were blocked in Russia at the request of the State Prosecutor’s Office. The VK group is still accessible via VPN and Tor, but we don’t need it in this form and are not going to continue developing it in the near future. Our Telegram Channel and YouTube channel are available in Russia without VPN and Tor. We are sure to find new ways to bypass the censorship. Subscribe to our social networks, as well as to our weekly email newsletter – e-mail is not yet blocked in Russia.

P.S. If possible, abandon Vkontakte in general, because of the close friendship of this social network with the cops. Get out of VK!

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