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Message from a Belarusian Anarchist fighting in Ukraine

Ukraine. A message from a Belarusian anarchist refugee who was living in Poland and is now a volunteer fighter in Ukraine.

Originally published by A Las Barricadas. Machine-assisted translation from Raddle.

Good evening to all but Putin’s soldiers.

After all the trips to clearly failed and dangerous actions, the flight from Belarus and what I experienced during my 29 years, it was not so difficult to travel to war-torn Ukraine, although it was terrifying.

It was not entirely clear where I was going, what awaited me, whether I would be allowed to cross the border. I was not sure whether I would reach my destination, as my passport was attracting attention at checkpoints and there was also an attack by enemy planes.

Plus the fear that the first battle would also be the last. But the biggest fear was disappointing my comrades-in-arms.

I am convinced that today’s events in Ukraine are deciding the fate not only of Ukraine itself, but of the whole of Europe.

European democracy is terrible, but what is much more terrible is what the so-called ‘Russian world’ is bringing from the East. The remnants of freedoms and rights that the working class won in Europe, after a long struggle, will be completely destroyed by the Russian dystopia, transforming everything around it into a concentration camp, as they have already done in Belarus, Russia, and partly, in Kazakhstan.

Mikhail Bakunin in his work “Federalism, Socialism and Anti-Theology” wrote: “We are firmly convinced that the most imperfect republic is a thousand times better than the most enlightened monarchy, for in a republic there are moments when the people, though eternally exploited, are at least not oppressed, whereas in monarchies they are constantly oppressed”.

So, Russia today is this incredibly aggressive monarchy.

I often read that this is an imperialist war, although it is not clear what the second empire is, and that anarchists can do nothing there.

That Nazis, who fight in any army, fight for Ukraine. That the soldiers on both sides must turn their weapons against the governments, etc., but I have not yet heard that this is also happening on the side of the troops of the “liberators”.

And there are many other criticisms, some of which I may even agree with, but the problem is that standing aside and taking a correct class position means becoming a silent witness to the bombings of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigov and Mariupol. And my conscience does not allow me to stand aside.

That is why I am here today in Ukraine, which will face all these difficulties and finally free itself from Moscow’s influence, and with it Belarus will be free, and let us hope that after that, Russia itself will finally become a real federation of free nations.

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