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Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level [Part II]

Twenty more notes (Part II) on the current conflictualities and perspectives. (26-30). The first 20 notes of the Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest can be found here (Web and PDF version]. Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level Part I  (21-25) can be found here.

Originally published by Non Copyriot. Written by “Doc” McCoy Mccoy. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Twenty-six: The ripeness of the times, let’s pick this up. The Empire is finished, it can only offer the management of misery. Misery of various imprints, for major parts of the world proletariat, the surplus proletariat, only miserable utilization with no prospect of economic participation beyond bare survival. In the uniformity of the worldwide artificial real living conditions, there are only shades, shades of gray, in which the singing of birds will become so annoying that at some point it will no longer matter whether it is only from a recording on tape or not. The conditionings in the last two years allow conclusions about what is still to come, everything has become thinkable -and sayable. But! Yes, but! The Empire is on the edge of the abyss. There is no more project, no more imperial futures worth living and fighting for. The displacement of players on the battlefield to the advantages of AI will even make the generals obsolete. (The war in Ukraine, the “successes” of the Ukrainian side are not accidentally based on the massive use of ‘smart military technology’, drones take out a Russian tank, one Russian military convoy after another. Russian air sovereignty is worth nothing in the face of easy-to-use guided missile systems, a very significant factor is the Starlink satellite system provided by Elon Musk (1), the Russian side is decades behind in privatizing warfare with its Wagner – and Chechen mercenaries. And of course, Russia still has various special forces and the latest modern war equipment up its sleeve, but it is neither willing to show the West what they would be capable of in a major conflict, nor will they expose themselves and use these resources in this limited conflict, which will not threaten their territorial integrity under any circumstances).

So what remains is only the confused version of a future in which the climate crisis, i.e. the end of the world as we know it, is managed, the conditions of exploitation that bring about this end are defended to the last breath and with all means (and of course including war and genocide!). But there is no ‘after’ to be longed for (2), the only imperial perspective is that of transhumanity (3), which appears and in which even the neurotic fears of the leftist petit bourgeois with their desires for eternal health can be found. One way or another, everyone who is still able to hear the last quiet sighing of his soul in himself will undoubtedly rather decide for death than for the horror of transformation. Therefore, and exactly for this reason, we shall all become only carriers of bare life, which to defend, to protect, given this future, it seems completely trivial to us. We will eat soylent green, day after day and nothing will seem offensive to us, we will not even remember our innate disgust.

But! But, all this will not happen, because we will prevent it. The truth is that we are not the ones with our backs against the wall, but our mortal enemies, the sworn enemies of humanity. As early as March 2020, the companions of the ‘Wu Ming Collective’ from Italy wrote that the way the powers that be responded to the Corona Pandemic indicates that we are living on the eve of revolution. The whole data stream, this endless media loop, is only meant to cover our eyes, to block our view on the horizon of the generalized uprising, of the revolutionary upheaval. All this is meant when we speak of the ripeness of the times, we are sitting in the middle of the engine shed, around us the locomotives of history, we only have to drive them out to the turntable and set them in motion in all directions. Nothing more, nothing less. The biggest achievement of the powers that be is, without a doubt, that they have alienated us from ourselves. All the insurrectionary searching moves of the last 10, 20 years carried within them the characteristic of appropriating a revolutionary identity that accessed something different than the failed narrative of the historical left.

Twenty-seven: Let’s talk about the conditions we face. Let’s talk about what at first glance presents itself as our weakness, but in real terms will decide the coming struggles in our favor. Let’s talk about the defeats that, in retrospect, were inevitable. Let’s start from the ripeness of the time. Two powerful explosions occurred in the second half of the 20th century in the machine rooms of Western imperialist power in Europe within less than 10 years. May 68 in France, which turned from a student revolt into a proletarian uprising with countless wildcat strikes and factory occupations in which millions of proles took part, wild battles with the cops, which were then put down with the support of trade unions and the Communist Party, which, in the meantime, called for a general ban on demonstrations. The revolt in Italy in ’77, hundreds of thousands of militants in the streets and in part underground, various armed formations, incredibly widespread and sympathetic to an incredible degree among the proletarian classes, especially among migrant workers who had migrated from the south of Italy. The end of the revolt was only possible with the active collaboration of the communist party, which proclaimed the “historical compromise” as the new overall line. We understand the ripeness, or unripeness, of the times. There was objectively no possibility to constitute a combative party, which was able to act up to date. (The foundation of various parties, armed or unarmed, were absolutely no up to date combative parties. Only with the final defeat of the historical left the possibility now arises to constitute this combative party. All previous attempts were doomed to fail because they were caught in the ideological and analytical construct of 1917 onwards, due to the unripeness of the times. It took the final defeat of the historical left to understand this. “He who knows when to fight and when not to fight will win.” Sun Tzu

Twenty-eight: Let’s talk about the Party. Let’s talk about the inevitability of becoming a combative party. It would be a waste of time to clean up the outdated ideas of a party. That would throw ourselves at something that has fallen out of time. All those who have read the Invisible Committee and Tiqqun know what we mean when we speak of the (imaginary) party. All those who have been dealing with the real worldwide revolts and uprisings in the last 15 years know the need for this imaginary party to come out of the shadows and become a combative party. There is no real power option for us at all, which will bring joy to the idealists among us, but in REALITY and given the time we have left, gives reason for despair. A despair that we have just begun to leave behind us. It is inevitable that the subjects of the uprisings, and these and no one else, dare to jump into the combative party. The virality of the endgame of the empire materialized in the Ukraine war now makes this next step a concrete necessity. The new International will be this combative party. It will generate itself beyond the limitations of the failed left. It will belong to the insurgents and to them only.

Twenty-nine: The end of history is the story of the end. Many refuse to realize this, they will not be able to avoid acknowledging the realities. In their final moments, with their last breath, or in their new existence as a cyborg.

Thirty: So we write our history ourselves. And let’s not allow others to once again appropriate our history and use it as part of their narrative. The most important lesson from the last 2 years of the pandemic state of emergency was that the real power lies with those who dominate the narratives. There was only 1 and zero, nothing in between. Only a quiet noise in the background that sometimes appeared for a very short time. We are this noise, this noise tells our story. If we learn to resist the urge to put ourselves in any relation to 1 or zero, we will not fall into this trap. We will lose ourselves.

The springs of the present, at bottom, are childish. To possess them completely, it is enough not to forget what we
already know. Not to wait for confessions from the rulers to come authorize our perceptions. Any need for proof is infinite. It is bound to be unfulfilled. The proof of the proof is always missing, and so on. It is a relationship to the world that leaks, not a request addressed to it. That said, as we shall see, as for this world and its “arcane”, everything is written.
Everything is said. All you have to do is look in the right place and believe.

The shock effect, the blast effect of the opposing offensive, the effect sought by terror is to cut us off from everythingwe know intimately. To make us lose the thread of any certainty. To make us lose our footing. This is the real great reset.

Manifeste conspirationniste (4)

Without a doubt, much of what we are proposing here seems to turn our existing world of perception and concept upside down. But we ALL have long since no real concept of the degree to which our thinking and feeling has been manipulated and colonized. The shock strategy with which the Empire has run us over and imprisoned us with the Corona State of Emergency, now turns against the Empire itself. The harshness of the impact has messed up our on-board computers, we laboriously maneuvered, thrown back on ourselves, through the fog of fear and loneliness completely without the familiar routine maneuvers. Many woke up in the middle of the fog. Many are only pretending to be asleep, but with every breath they are seeking revenge.

to be continued…


(1) Report on Deutsch WelleUkraine is using Elon Musk’s Starlink for drone strikes

(2) In English on ll Will :”The day after is behind us” by Joël Gayraud. The original article was publish on Lundi Matin: “Derriere nous le jour d’après

(3) Yuval Noah Harari on “World Economic Forum (WEF) – What entities will replace humans?

(4) From the first chapter of “Manifeste Conspirationniste (PDF)

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