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A feminist government? [Chile]

Since March 11, Chile has had a left-wing president: Gabriel Boric. Boric promised a feminist government, but can there really be an elected feminist government in the Chilean state?

Originally published by Vamos Hacia La Vida. Translated Riot Turtle.

Workers burn down or blow up their factories, demanding severance pay instead of fighting to maintain their jobs. Students occupy universities, but against rather than in the name of the demands for which they are supposedly fighting. Women break with movements in which they already form a majority, since those movements cannot but fail to represent them.

Maya González and Jeanne Neton (Endnotes collective), Communization and the abolition of gender

The rise of social democracy to state leadership has confused various parts of social movements, and they have had illusions about the future government and subordinated themselves to its agenda and timetable: Unfortunately, a significant part of the feminist movement has been no exception. Many have full faith that existing government institutions will bring us the radical changes we desperately need, not only as oppressed and doubly exploited women, but also as a human species. Many of them have put all their stakes in the system’s own instruments of democratic participation, from elections to the Constitutional Convention to the governance of the state itself-as if the state is not patriarchal at its core! Thus, a large part of the strong women’s movement is moving toward the benefit of state and capital, abandoning self-organization, autonomy and independence which are essential to advance our historical demands, downplayed and ridiculed by Boric when he publicly stated a few days ago that “his government will be feminist”: a perfect contradiction in terms.

Women, feminists and anti-capitalists should aim to completely abolish our state of exploitation, oppression and slavery: There can be no end to the misery experienced by women or anyone else under this commodity reproduction system that deepens the patriarchal order and puts us in an increasingly precarious position. That is why the anti-patriarchal struggle is inseparable from the anti-capitalist struggle: Only by refusing what we are forced to be and do we will truly be free.

The destruction of the fictitious separation between public and private, which serves the separation of life and the naturalization of a supposed inferiority of women – and other non-male identities – is essential for our liberation. We don’t want “equality,” we don’t want leading positions in the administration of this degenerated society, we want to put an end to an existence subjected to time and the logic of production and money, according to our gender and for the benefit of the state/capital.

The state will not eliminate patriarchal violence, because the state is organized patriarchal violence. For this reason, we invite you to build connections and relationships in everyday life – the place where social life is reproduced -that will break and overcome the divisions that are destroying us. To ask the state to do this, as well as to delegate our activities and let us be relegated into the background – as it has always been the case – is absurd.

Down with patriarchy, capital and the state!

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