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Operation Solidarity Updates [Ukraine]

Ukraine. Updates from Operation Solidarity.

Originally published by Operation Solidarity.

Operation Solidarity – Day 45

April 10, 2022

to our friends,

here you can find two short reports from our work in ukraine:

A few updates. We handed over a thermal imager, power banks, gas masks and carbines to the air reconnaissance unit involved in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. A new helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and two boxes of medicines were handed over to the paramedic, who is also in the East. And the territorial defense of Kyiv received 3 bulletproof vests, thermal imagers, turnstiles, carbines and watches.

Solidarity is our weapon!

The territory near Kyiv has been liberated, but the life of the locals is still reminiscent of survival. There is still no electricity, water supply, gas. Therefore, Operation Solidarity went to Bucha for the second time with a humanitarian mission. We delivered dozens of gas burners, cylinders, sleeping bags and mats personally to the residents of Bucha. Sleeping bags and food were also handed over to the Belogorodka humanitarian headquarters.

furthermore there is a new brief text of an anarchist from belarus, who describes his reasons to go to ukraine – you can find it here in german and spanish.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 46

April 11, 2022

to our friends,

over the weekend, pro-russian car parades took place in various cities in germany. fortunately, they met with counter-protests, blockades and direct resistance in many cities. this is one way you can support us in a very practical way – no place for russian imperialism and its fans!

also, the war diary of a belarusian anarchist, which he keeps on telegram, has now been translated into english:

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 47

April 12, 2022

to our friends,

we are happy to see resistance and protest against russian imperialism on all levels of society – there is no limit to your creativity.

for example, the ultras of fc st. pauli have released this (and other) stickers against putin:

the anarcho-syndicalist union fau frankfurt published this info-flyer. you can download it as pdf and distribute it.

and in amsterdam there will be another soli-concert for us on april 21st:

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 48

April 13, 2022

to our friends,

here is another small overview of our activities in the war of propaganda.
all texts, videos and recordings that appear online afterwards are collected on our link page and we keep it always up to date.

The role of struggle in the information space today is difficult to overestimate. Therefore, members of Operation Solidarity continue to participate in discussions, speak at conferences and give interviews to international publications. To convey to libertarian activists around the world why it is so important today to support the Ukrainian resistance movement.

Here are just some of the activities we participated in:

– discussion «Anarchist view of the war in Ukraine» in Leipzig, Germany;

– interview for American Final Straw Radio;

– discussion with Barcelona anarchists at the La Rosa de Foc library;

– a series of discussions in the German cities of Kassel, Dortmund and Cologne;

– public discussion of the trade union union CNT-CO, France;

– broadcast of the podcast La Base, former leader of the Spanish party Podemos Pablo Iglesias;

– public discussion «Capitalism and war. Situation in Ukraine», organized by the Portuguese organization Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS);

– two events organized by the International Executive Committee (IEC) – International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI) in Venezuela and Turkey;

– interview with Polish 161 Crew;

– interview for an anarchist blog in Karlsruhe, Germany;

– interview with the French libertarian blog Hacking Lord Sutch;

– discussion organized by the Botanical Garden Initiative in Athens, Greece.

furthermore we started to link some translations of our texts now on the respective pages. we started with the about us page in russian – in the near future more translations will follow. our telegram channel is alreay mostly writing in ukrainian and english.

another media project that informs about the direct resistance – mainly in belarus – can be found here.

furthermore the antifascist collectives opor and black mosquito joined forces and produced this soli-shirt for the antifascist fighting group kharkiv hardcore:

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 49

April 14, 2022

to our friends,

Operation Solidarity returned to liberated cities in the Kyiv region for the third time. We sent help to the Humanitarian Headquarters of the Buchanska community in Belogorodec, and visited Borodianka. Rescuers are disassembling the collapsed houses, people are collecting miserable remains of what was left in their destroyed apartments. That’s what we had to see this day.

Photo: Oskar HallgrimssonSergey Movchan

there will also be another soli event for us in prague on april 20.

solidarity will win

Operation Solidarity – Day 50

April 15, 2022

to our friends,

today is the 50th day of our (almost) daily reports – and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been active in one way or another all over the world. it always gives us strength and power when we see how many people support us. thank you! <3
and of course we hope that everyone will continue to do so… whether it is donations, actions in solidarity, info and discussion events or even spreading the message on the streets and on the internet. everything is needed and appreciated.

we also got a new motive which was sent to us. it shows something of the utopia we are fighting for – because even if we unfortunately need tanks against the russian aggression at the moment, we are fighting for a world without war, state and capital.

you can order the motive at black mosquito as shirt and sweatshirt and buy it at upcoming events of us in europe and the proceeds will be donated.

solidarity will win

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