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Solidarity and info event for Prosfygika [Berlin]

Berlin. On 24th of April 2022 we will show a film about Prosfygika in Athens, a discussion with guests from the project and delicious food for soli-donation from 1pm-5pm in the infoshop of Schererstraße 8 (13347 Berlin- Wedding). Of course there is great infomaterial and material for mobilization for Prosfygika, as well as our great zines.

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Slightly edited by Enough 14.


Prosfygika in Athens has a long history: since 1933 it served as a place for refugees, in 1944 anti-fascist partisans used it in the fight against the state army, and today the squat is one of the largestpolitical building complexes in the center of Athens that has not yet been gentrified and is also an important contact point for the neighborhood.
The Prosfygika unites the neighborhood through many struggles, projects and autonomous community structures (e.g. social center, women’s café, collective bakery, children’s house and self-education structure and many more), it has numerous squatted apartments and is constantly involved in local and international struggles.
But the project is also threatened by many sides: gentrification, the decay of the old building complex (need for extensive construction works), as well as the real threat of fascists like Golden Dawn (biggest fascist party in Greece) and regular attacks by them.

Let’s support Prosfygika and show our solidarity! – Unite struggles!

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