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Let’s protest against Turkey’s war of aggression! Today, April 18, 2022 [Kurdistan]

In the late evening hours of April 17, Turkey entered Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq with ground troops. The ground offensive was preceded by 3 days of heavy shelling by artillery, drones and bombardments.

A call by KON-MED Konfederasyona Civakên Kurdistanîyên li Almany – – Konföderation der Gemeinschaften Kurdistans in Deutschland e.V. – Translated by Riot Turtle.

We call for demonstrations against the invasion by Turkey! Turkey, like Russia, must be sanctioned for its wars that violate international law, its war crimes must be investigated and those responsible must be prosecuted.

Already confirmed demonstrations in Germany for today are (April 18, 2022):

HBF = Hauptbahnhof, main train station

Köln, Domvorplatz, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Düsseldorf, HBF, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Bielefeld, HBF, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Dortmund, HBF, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Duisburg, HBF, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Osnabrück, HBF, 17:00 Uhr (05:00 p.m.)
Bonn, Münsterplatz, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Leipzig, HBF (Willi Brand Platz), 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Berlin, Alexanderplatz, 14:00 (02:00 p.m.)
Dresden, Albert Platz, 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Halle, Marktplatz, 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Magdeburg, HBF, 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Hamburg, Jungfernstig, 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Kassel, König Platz, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Hannover, HBF, 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Kiel, HBF, 18:00 (06:00 p.m.)
Stuttgart, Lautenschlager Str., 15:00 (03:00 p.m.)
Freiburg, Platz der Alten Synagoge, 15:00 (03:00 p.m.)
München, Karlsplatz Stachus, 15:00 (03:00 p.m.)
Frankfurt, Bockenheimerwarte, 15:30 (03:30 p.m.)
Saarbrücken, Europa galeri, 15:00 (03:00 p.m.)

Gießen, Kirchenplatz, 17:00 (05:00 p.m.)
Mannheim, Paradaplatz, 16:00(04:00 p.m.)
Darmstadt, Luisenplatz, 16:00 (04:00 p.m.)

Turkey uses the presence of Kurdish guerrillas in Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq as a pretext for its war.
In fact, Turkey has been pursuing a policy of Neo-Ottomanism [1] for some time. This includes, among other things, the re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire in its old borders. The wars of aggression and the participation in wars by Turkey in e.g. Syria and Armenia were also a direct consequence of its neo-Ottoman policy.

Part of Turkey’s warfare in recent years, both in Western Kurdistan/Syria and in Southern Kurdistan/Iraq, has been terror against the civilian population. Refugee camps, hospitals, and other civilian facilities were targetted and have been bombed. Death squads operate in the areas occupied by Turkey. It is likely that Turkey’s latest attack, in its brutality against the civilian population, will be no different from attacks in the past.

Turkey already attacked the Kurdish guerrillas in South Kurdistan/North Iraq last summer. After the Turkish offensive failed to achieve any successes, Turkey used, among other things, poison gas against the guerrillas. Calls for the OSCE to investigate the incidents remained unheard.

The Turkish attack on the democratic oriented guerrillas is supported by the local Barzani clan. Active fire support has so far been absent, but while Turkey was preparing a new major assault against the guerrillas in southern Kurdistan, clan head Mesrûr Barzanî met with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his intelligence chief Hakan Fidan on April 16 in Istanbul.

Germany is Turkey’s most important ally, major arms deliveries to Turkey are again and again authorized, Hermes covers [2] are issued, and Turkey is sponsored by the German government within the EU.

In Turkey, only the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) opposes the war. It is up to us to have a loud voice here for peace and against bloodshed!

We demand an immediate end to the attacks!

The support of Turkey by the German government must come to an end. In order to secure peace and to save many lives, we need sanctions to be imposed fast and an immediate stop to all arms exports to Turkey.

KON-MED Konfederasyona Civakên Kurdistanîyên li Almany – – Konföderation der Gemeinschaften Kurdistans in Deutschland e.V.

April, 18, 2022



[1] Neo-Ottomanismis an imperialist Turkish political ideology that, in its broadest sense, promotes greater political engagement of the Republic of Turkey within regions formerly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor state that covered the territory of modern Turkey among others.

[2] A Hermes cover (Hermesdeckung in German) is an export credit guarantee (ECG) by the German Federal Government. These guarantees are an important part of German foreign trade policy and protect German companies in the event of non-payment by foreign debtors.

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