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Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest – Next Level [Part III]

Twenty more notes (Part III) on the current conflictualities and perspectives. (31-35). The first 20 notes of the Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest can be found here (Web and PDF version]. Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level Part I  (21-25) can be found here. Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level Part II  (26-30) can be found here.

Written by “Doc” McCoy Mccoy. Translated by Riot Turtle.


“It is not just a matter of the fact, which is also not negligible, that wars, as jurists and political scientists ascertained some time ago, are no longer formally declared and, transformed into police operations, take on the characteristics that were usually attributed to civil wars. What is decisive today is that civil war, by forming a kind of symbiosis with the state of emergency, is transformed, like the latter, into a tool of domination.”

State of emergency and civil war – Giorgio Agamben.

We can see from the “Great War” in Ukraine how right Agamben is, the Russian leadership has declared the invasion of Ukraine as an operation of “denazification” and “demilitarization”. In the absolute failure of the left to provide an analysis of Russia’s intervention, its historical failure manifests itself once again. Their outdated anti-imperialism makes them side either with Russia (a defensive war, a reaction to NATO provocations, etc.), with Ukraine (legitimate Ukrainian resistance, support for “anarchist self-defense units,” etc.), or with the creation of a “new peace”. ) or to call for the creation of a “new peace movement” (as if the misery of the “old peace movement” had not been bad enough), or it peddles the slogan ‘no war but classwar’ as if it were in any way capable of representing this class war, let alone organizing it. In essence, it is they themselves who have sabotaged the ability to wage social civil war for decades, so that civil war today exists only as a power option for the Empire. We see that the war in Ukraine is in essence the catalyst in the process of establishing the permanent state of emergency with which power will defend the value chain to the bitter end. One could also say, to return to the theses of the Sudanese companions, that the Empire is at the precipice and has taken the plunge, while all insurgencies are faltering.


“The only way to lose this habit of giving civil war a beginning, end and territorial limit—this habit of making it an exception to the normal order of things rather than considering its infinite metamorphoses in time and space—is to shine a light on the sleight of hand it covers up.”

Introduction to Civil War – Tiqqun

To break it down to the current situation, one cannot understand the war in Ukraine if one does not understand the pandemic state of emergency of the last two years as a maneuver in class struggle, or as an operation of social civil war from above. This has been understood from the beginning by those who were immediately exposed to this attack and have an unadorned concept of their real situation, the cons, the youth in the suburbs and the migrant workers in Africa and on the Indian subcontinent. In other words, when we speak of the need to let the Imaginary Party come out of the shadows and transform it into a Party of Struggle, we speak of the immediate awareness of one’s situation in the social civil war that is being waged (from above) anyway, as the most urgent condition. That is, we must start from the resistance that has taken place against the pandemic state of emergency, and from nothing else, because this has been the battlefield in the current formation of the Empire in the last two years and all possible future developments are based on this process.

Thirty-three: A failed left, because it is only capable of reproducing its unsuccessful attempts again and again, can no longer imagine anything other than being defeated or becoming part of the power itself. Their “activists” act today as movement managers and tomorrow as advisors in the institutions that embody power, or, as in the case of Chile, they move into the presidential palaces themselves. Either way, the left horizon knows only historical defeat.


“There are spirit deserters everywhere. The point is to break the social ice. To create the conditions for the possibility of soul-to-soul communication. To manage to organize the meeting, in short. And thus, to weave a conspiratorial plan that will extend, branch out, become more complex, deepen. (…) Bold attacks against logical targets.
And the certainty that we are life finally victorious.”

Manifeste conspirationniste

The faction that will take the leap is emerging; recent years have seen an incredible expansion in the qualities of insurgent movements. From the brilliantly planned and executed Car Lootings in the U.S., to the revolts deeply rooted in proletarian neighborhoods in Chile and Colombia, to the mass hijacking of far-right protests against pandemic measures like in the Netherlands (5). When we try to imagine what options against the war in Ukraine might look like, we must break away from allowing the enemy to define the battlefield of this confrontation. We strike where it is least expected, our resistance takes forms that are surprising, our alliances are new, wild and daring.

“Do not repeat the tactics that brought you victory, but let infinite circumstances regulate your methods.”

Sun Tzu

Thirty-four: Bow out. From everything. Certainties. Safeties. Norms. Formalities. Certain perceptions. False friends. Of all conceits. Of the pain that comes with it, but remains a phantom when we take a risk. Dare. Finally dare something. Breathe. Wind. Feeling. Live. Death is certain anyway. No buts. Never again.

Thirty-five: The most urgent. Exchange and friendships. In the burning house, to speak with Agamben again, everything said gets a new meaning, which is neither conscious to the one who speaks, nor clear at the moment he speaks. In other words, we create our own futures. We remember our own genre, visionary science fiction, perhaps this can be helpful in even imagining that there are other truths beyond the narrative that overshadows everything. Which are just as much relative as all truths, but precisely beyond this single universal truth. We ask ourselves what a journey to Solaris would have flushed to the surface in our repressed and subconscious minds, we ask ourselves what we would have done with these projections. We face our shadow, we face our fear. We understand the dimension with which we have been manipulated. We realize that if we face all this alone, we will be powerless forever. We become ripe for the ripeness of the times and so we will be able to imagine victory again. For this is without doubt the greatest trick of our opponent, to make us believe that we are not capable of being truly free. For what is a revolution but the reification of our desires and our yearning for freedom. And how long have we allowed ourselves to be fobbed off with mental junk food.

“let’s talk about us, about our wounds, our hate, our freedom. that’s our blues. our brothers and sisters will hear and understand…”

Gudrun Ensslin, Secret message from prison 1973 [1]

to be continued…


[1] From the book ‘Das Info- Briefe von Gefangenen aus der RAF (1973-1977), ed. Pieter Bakker Schut, published by Malik Verlag as a PDF here (German)

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