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Anti-authoritarians in Ukraine: A little about our platoon

Ukraine. A contribution by the anti-authoritarian platoon in Ukraine.

Originally published by Translated by Riot Turtle with the support of translation toolsWe apologize for possible minor mistakes.

Hi! We have compiled answers to some of the most common questions asked to the people in our platoon: are we anarchists and what do we do – it’s all here. We’d like to share it with those who follow our activities and support us.

Are you anarchists?

A large part of the people in the platoon, about 50%, identify themselves as anarchists. These are people with different backgrounds: some came from revolutionary groups, others from cultural-educational and social projects. But it is not correct to call the whole platoon anarchist. It would be more correct to say that we all have anti-authoritarian views, we all fight against Russian imperialism together, and we all value direct democracy. That’s why we’ve introduced the system of elected committees borrowed from the Kurdish insurgents, and we hold meetings in our units where everyone can voice criticism, including about the activities of commanders. We also held democratic elections for the media committee.

Who is part of the platoon and why are you at war?

Initially the platoon consisted of anti-authoritarian beliefs, anarchists, a few socialists, anti-fascists, and soccer hooligans. Gradually our squad was replenished. In the area where we are now, we have been joined by local people, you could say without any clear political orientation. They simply share our desire to fight against the Russian aggression and at the same time fit in well with the group. We also have a number of specialists we have brought in, from whom we gain combat experience.

There are no racists or homophobes among us, and there are several women in the platoon, who support the feminist agenda in practice.

We were all driven to war by a desire to resist Russian imperialist aggression. We are here to defeat the invaders and to defend the Ukrainian people, their freedom and independence.

What are you doing right now?

At the moment we have a training phase, and we are also on regular guard duties. Earlier, we went on operational missions within the region, such as catching saboteurs and paratroopers, guarding critical points, setting up roadblocks, assisting units of the Ukrainian armed forces with reconnaissance using quadcopters (drones) and transporting refugees and other civilians out of harm’s way.

Is it possible to join the platoon?

Right now we are not calling for new people to join us, because at the moment our region is calm. But we are looking for combat formations in other regions in the near future, so soon we will probably have a possibility for new people to join us.

Can we call you “Resistance Committee”?

Resistance Committee” is a Telegram channel that only relates to a small part of our unit, despite the first posts that identified it with the entire platoon. Nevertheless, the media committee of our unit has recently had access to this channel, so we can spread the word about us there.

How can we support you?

In the near future, because of some bureaucratic problems, we may have problems with food and fuel supplies. Then we will need additional funds.

We also need a night vision unit for the platoon and some people need bulletproof vests.

To raise money, our comrades are running a “Good night imperial pride” campaign. You can get in touch with them on social media:




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