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Call for financial support! – Help upgrade the Self-organized Printing Group of Ioannina [Greece] “Titivillus”!

Ioannina. Greece. The self-organized group “Titivillus”, came into existence in the summer of 2017. Since then we have been trying to set up an infrastructure, with the aim to contribute, with our time and effort, to the diffusion of the anarchist/antiauthoriatarian/autonomous printed word produced by collectives and individuals. With this text we are kickstarting a campaign to raise money to upgrade our printing equipment with the purchase of a folding machine and a pin (sheet stapling). We estimate that this equipment, used, and in good condition, will cost us around 3,000 euros.

Originally published by Rebel Kollektiv – Media Center of Ioannina.

All collectives and individuals wishing to contribute should contact us at

Presentation of the project

The Self-Organized Printing Group of Ioannina “Titivillus” is housed in the rented space of the Libertarian Laboratory F451. We have a monochrome 35x50cm offset printing machine (Roland Practica 00), donated to us by the Druck printing collective, and a paper cutting guillotine. Since the installation of our machines (17-12-2017) we have printed dozens of formats and materials produced by anarchists, antiauthoritarians and autonomous collectives and individuals. We are named after the demon “Titivillus”, who is rumored to have whispered gibberish in the ears of the monk scribes in order to confuse them into making mistakes. Despite the invention of movable elements, the “printer’s devil” continues his tireless work to our day. A fantastic representation of Titivillus is depicted on our logo.

Values ​​and mode of operation

Our structure builds upon the experience of the printing collectives Rotta (Athens, 2006, Villa Amalias Squat) and Druck (Thessaloniki, 2014, Terra Incognita Squat). Although we are not a purely political assembly, we share a common code of values ​​thanks to the active participation of our members in struggles and movement activities in the city.

After several collective discussions we have agreed upon the following principles:

– We do not wish to print material intended for commercial use, for groups operating hierarchically, aimed at seizing power (whether it is for the government, the parliament, or academia), for groups that work for bosses or members, for individuals in the security forces, for people who have exercised (physical, sexist, etc.) violence themselves or have allowed members of their groups within the movement to do so, who have used or are using the media to promote their goals (excluding prisoners). Obviously, we would not want to use our resources to print internal texts that accuse or attack other people or collectives in the area or to even hint to them. And because the dissemination of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian/autonomous word is not only done through brochures of political analysis, we also print personal works, such as poems, literature, etc.

– Because we cannot predict every case that may cause us problems, we reserve the right to consider requests for printing on a case by case basis. This may include personal contact and dialogue with print applicants, with the ultimate goal of resolving the possible impediment.

– As for the method of setting the price of each printing project, we inform the interested collective about the cost, which covers exclusively the materials (tin, paper, ink, consumables, etc.). The collective/individual is then invited to support the project with an additional free contribution defined by them. It is used for (a) the purchase of materials, (b) the maintenance and upgrade of equipment and (c) the contribution to the rent of our space. There is no reward or payment for the members who give their time and effort to complete every printing project.

Self-organized Printing Group of Ioannina [Greece]


March 2022

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