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Presidential elections in France: Call – Sunday 08:01pm: Let’s get out of our lethargy

A call for actions across France, starting one minute after the first results of the French presidential election will be announced on April 24, 2022: 8:01 pm.

Originally published by Cerveaux Non Disponibles. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Sunday 08:01 pm: Let’s get out of our lethargy

We know it really sucks for us. But let’s take care that it really sucks for them too.

What a crappy election campaign. What a non-election campaign as well.

Macron is one of the most hated presidents in the history of the fifth republic. And we know exactly why. And he deserves it. In five years, the manager of the Startup Nation has crippled and imprisoned thousands of activists, destroyed social achievements and driven millions of people into precarity, and has spread racist poison to the highest levels in the institutions. Crises (health, wars) only strengthen his authoritarianism to serve a fanatic ultra-liberalism. Never before have there been so many people who have slipped into extreme poverty. Never before have there been so many billionaires in France. They themselves have never been so rich.

The alternative for him is even more deadly. It is fascism, with no liberal pretense.

Whatever happens on Sunday at 08:00 pm, we will be in deep shit. And we will be even more helpless than we already are. The horizon seems to be blocked. The forces of resistance are numb. Nevertheless, we believe that our place will be on the streets from 08:01 pm on Sunday. That may seem futile. And we confirm it will be. But given the catastrophe that is already underway and will be celebrated one more time in the big media- and political circus, we prefer to protest to no avail than to legitimize this masquerade in any way.

Macron and his world have destroyed us and let us live in shit. But there is nothing more dangerous than people in deep shit who want their tormentors to fall into this shit.

On Sunday from 08:01 pm the time of lethargy is over. The time is ripe for wolves. Let’s meet as a pack. Let’s be primitive. Wild.

Cerveaux Non Disponibles

April 20, 2022

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