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Against the inflation of madness – All out on May Day [Berlin]

Berlin. Join the anarchist block on May 1, 2022. 6:00 p.m. Hertzbergplatz!

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Dear people,

May 1 is just around the corner and the world around us is dissolving at an insane pace. The aftermath of the Corona state of emergency has not yet been dealt with, yet we are once again being asked to „tighten our belts.“ The climate is heading for a far-reaching uninhabitability of the planet, but Vladimir Putin sees a favorable opportunity to put an end to Europe much sooner. Boatloads of money are made with weapons, whereas only death and inflation is coming for everyone.

In the face of all this, we initially feel overwhelmed and the desire to set this world and its makers on fire. But as understandable as this overstrain is, we should not and cannot give in to it (and also not push Corona forward as a convenient reason for doing nothing*cough*). Rather, we have to understand how these catastrophes are interconnected, and where we therefore have to pull the lever to end the madness.

The German economy, fed by cheap energy imports from almost all dictatorships of this world as well as by a flood of money from the ECB, is doing splendidly. But only copper money is left over for us from this flood of money, and there is even less for Hartzers and refugees. But we all feel the inflation. Sterni 1.20? Döner 6 Euro? 1-room hole 900 euros? Fuck you!

The rents have quadrupled in Berlin in the last 15 years, but hey, if you live in your own home, it doesn’t matter. But woe the gasoline price rises by 50%, then state money must be released immediately, so that the Benz limousine continues to roll with 180 km/h. In order to heat their private home it naturally needs also further gas, worker murderer Qatar or war mongerer Russia, at least the suburban villa remains heated.

So the message that climate change will make large parts of the world uninhabitable by the end of century gets hidden on page 3. Further uncomfortable questions are not even printed at allt. E.g. who governs us actually and how self-righteously these people understand the state as self-serving shop. Or which problem parliamentarism hast actually solved in the last 20 years and did not shift to beyond our lifespan.

Millions can vote for expropriation of the realestate tycoons, and at the same time the stocks of realestate companys rise. Because the market knows very well, expropriation in Germany is only for the interests of the economy. The planned sanctioning of Russian big capitalists fails completely, as in this country everything is set to leave property structures as untouched as possible. But oligarchies and banana republics, that are always the others!

Let us understand that all this madness is systematic. The profiteers of this system have 0 interest in change. And they have geared the whole system so that their power does not change, while we are supposed to work our way through the hamster wheel of supposed participation. No election, no petitition, no round table, no green, left or rainbow government will change that. If we want to break their power and regain control over our lives, we can only do so by transferring the basis of their power, their productive property, their real estate, their land, their businesses into the collective self-management of those who use, serve, need and manage them!

The increasing repression of the last years, just like the more and more intense violence of their police or fascist servants, only illustrates the increasing nervousness that the already clearly visible smoke signals from the capitalist periphery will soon also blow through the streets here. Let us lose our fear, so that the overwhelming changes sides!

For the social revolution!

Join the anarchist block on May 1, 2022. 6:00 p.m. Hertzbergplatz (Berlin)!

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