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Defend La Gare prevent the construction of the Castor route! [France]

La Gare de Luméville. France. In 2004, the site of the old train station of Luméville was bought by anti-nuclear activists. La gare is part of the future railroad line for nuclear waste transports to the planned final repository CIGÉO near Bure. In the last 18 years, the project has been run by very different groups and collectives, but has tended to stand all in all for the more radical-ecological-anti-capitalist part of the anti-nuclear movement.

Originally published by Bure Info.

Over the years, La gare has repeatedly been the site of events that have imprinted themselves in the collective memory of the movement as important moments, such as the Hippipest festival (2005-2007), the VMC camp (2015), the anti-prison weeks (2018-2020), the Rayonnantes-camp (2021) and many others. Even if not everything has always been beautiful, many people have grown to love the station during this time as an important place in their lives: as a place of political experimentation, as an adventure playground, or as a home. But La gare is above all one thing: a legal and physical barricade in the struggle against the CIGÉO project.

Current situation:with the conclusion of the Declaration of Public Utility (DUP), the struggle for the station enters a new phase: the end of the DUP allows the expropriation of 6000Ha of land that stand in the way of the construction of the project. The procedure is facilitated, by the decree „Operation d‘Intérêt National“ of the end of 2021, which disempowers the municipal level in decisions on infrastructure projects in the “South Meuse Development Zone” and these are now basically up to the prefecture. Even before the end of the DUP, ANDRA announced that it would begin construction of the future Castor line by 2024 at the latest.

The station thus faces a legal dispute with ANDRA over the land in the near future. This could (in the worst case) go very quickly and its outcome is as good as predetermined, just like the ridiculous public hearings on the DUP. We will still legally oppose eminent domain! Not because our faith in the rule of law is so great, but to put physical barricades alongside those made of paper.

As much as we love this place that has been or is home to so many of us, we face the current situation not only with fear and despair. It has always been the destiny of this place to be a strategic point in this confrontation and ultimately the site of a political confrontation. Either way, we have no intention of leaving voluntarily! Whether we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this resistant project at the train station together in 2024, or just add another 20 minutes of epic riots to the collective memory of movement, that’s mainly up to us.

What we plan to do now:We think it’s time to say to the many different people connected to this place: we will need all of you to defend the station – maybe already soon. And we will need you to stand in the way of the CIGÉO project in many other places. But we will need even more: our friends and yours too! And we need to find new friends and allies.

There are many ways you can support us: you could start building local support and defense committees in your places. You could organize donations of materials, solidarity actions or information tours. You could spread this call… Of course, the best thing would be: you just show up!

Create a situation of permanent occupation: we don’t want to wait until the legal means to resist the expropriation are exhausted to be active actors. We invite you to join us in actively preparing the defense of the station and the prevention of the construction of the railroad! Despite the current legal status of the terrain, we want to move to consider la gare as a place of permanent occupation, which only currently has a strong legal defense.

The station is currently run in self-management by an open collective. Once a week there is a meeting where the interests of the place are discussed and decided. This meeting is open to anyone who lives there, uses the site, or feels connected to la gare in any other way.

We invite you to install yourself at the station, temporarily or permanently, starting now. The terrain offers a lot of space for caravans, trucks, huts, tent possibilities, besides the three main buildings. In recent years, a lot of energy has also been spent on making the place more comfortable and improving the living conditions on site. As well as to build the infrastructure that allows to accommodate and feed a larger crowd (even in winter).

Even if we see la gare as an important strategical place in the upcoming conflict on the construction of the CIGÉO project, we are not alone in this struggle. In recent years in zone surround Bure were build new collectives, activities and places and old ones gets renewed. All are making together constellation of resistance, mutually supporting each other and building strength of the movement that we so much need now and will need more in the future.

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