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Insulation work site at “La Gare” from June 1 to 7 near Bure – Meuse [France]

Luméville. France. With the conclusion of the Declaration of Public Utility (DUP), the battle for the train station enters a new phase. But the train station will be defended.

Originally published by Bure Info.

Following the workcamps of the beginning of February which was a great success, we decide to do a 2nd tour. If the main workcamps will take place at the train station, if there are enough people, there is the desire that there will be workcamps in several collective places of struggle (in particular at the house of resistance of Bure).



To help us anticipate the needs of the workcamp, you can fill in the pre-registration form here.

The Luméville train station is a strategic place in the fight against the nuclear waste burial project in Bure (Cigéo).

It will be threatened with expropriation by Andra because it is on the route of the railroad that would bring construction material and radioactive waste (2 beaver trains per week) if the project is realized.

Improving the building will allow more people to come and fight on site in good conditions.


– plaster insulation of the station building (probably with lime and hemp)

– construction of a new floor for the kitchen

– solving water infiltration problems near the library window

– Construction of a frame

– Finishing the construction of a bathroom and a hot water system

– Construction of a wood frame at the resistance house in Bure

And probably other building sites at the house of resistance of Bure and bonus building sites: we are open to any new proposal.


The workcamp will take place at the old station of Luméville (6 km from Bure, between the towns of Luméville en Ornois and Mandres en Barrois). More info on to know how to come : http://bure3iqeqde7ynpluyuubochndt33wwsbkmo7kgf32bmli4zigjwvzid.onion/en/venir/ (Tor adress)

On site there will be a mixed sleeping area and a MINT sleeping area available.

There is also the possibility to sleep at the resistance house in Bure at 6km, there will be shuttles available. There are blankets and mattresses on site but feel free to bring a sleeping bag.

Vegan collective meals will be cooked at the station for lunch and dinner and there will be breakfast available. There will be a self-management schedule for the kitchen.

At the main work site, there will be drinking water in water tanks, limited electricity (solar panels and generator) and internet access.


On site there will be a self-managed program board to propose workshops other than the workcamp (discussions, games, choirs, transmission of information,…) so that anyone can propose things other than the workcamp!


The work will be all the more beautiful if we all feel legitimate and comfortable to tinker, ask questions, make mistakes, do anything, learn and tinker even better. So even if you don’t feel particularly competent in insulation, don’t hesitate to come!

We want to take the time to share our skills and to pass on our tools and projects if you want to.


If you want to help with the preparation, you can come from May 26th.

In any case, people from the workcamp will be in Bure before May 26th

You can come before or after, Bure is always an open place.


If you need more information or if you want to help with the organization you can contact

rencontresenmeuse [at]


Different invitation posters.

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