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Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest – Next Level [Part IV]

Twenty more notes (Part IV) on the current conflictualities and perspectives. (36-40). The first 20 notes of the Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest can be found here (Web and PDF version]. Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level Part I  (21-25) can be found here. Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level Part II  (26-30) can be found here. Post Covid Prime Riot Manifest – Next Level Part III  (31-35) can be found here.

Written by “Doc” McCoy Mccoy. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Thirty-six: It’s going to be a hot summer. One way or another. The only question is where and if we will find each other again. Two years of humiliations, locked up, cops and military everywhere, we were chased by helicopter when we wanted to get some fresh air on the Atlantic coast, youth was chased out of the parks, they shot at us, old people were not even allowed to a few wise words or a few beautiful verses in a book on a park bench, death found us lonely and dismalled because we were denied visits, kisses and holding hands, in their deportation centers for the elderly, where death was hidden away from social consciousness. We could not say goodbye to our deceased, our brothers, sisters, parents, friends, comrades, children who left too early. They were buried, we did not have each other to kiss and hug, to comfort. They stole our dignity, the only thing we had left in this broken world they set up to keep their death machine of exploitation and war going. Millions of proletarians are still, as these lines are being written, locked up in their high-rises in Shanghai and other cities in China, the gates to these inhuman living machines are welded shut, every night the desperate cries for food and freedom ring out from thousands and thousands of throats, while threats and robot dogs hover over everything, patrolling the deserted streets populated only by the soulless servants of the Empire in their white protective suits. So now “also the war”, which has actually been raging all the time, only that this usually takes place in the peripheries of the metropolises of exploitation. But we have not forgotten the siege of Aleppo, the barrel bombs that were deliberately dropped on schools and hospitals, we remember with every tear the emaciated bodies in the rubble landscapes of Yarmuk, we know that every day and every night people, women, men, children, are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea or camp at the outer borders of the EU in Eastern Europe in the middle of winter in the woods, without food, medical care, without a warm shelter. We have seen the cops destroying the temporary camps of refugees near Calais, day after day, just as they chase refugees from place to place in the middle of Paris. We see the walls they have built on the southern border of the US, we see the walls and fences they are building on the eastern border of the EU, while more and more money is being pumped into the FRONTEX refugee hunting units. We know that the Sudanese military regime, which has murdered over 100 protesters since its coup against the Sudanese revolutionary movement, is receiving military aid from China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, that the military is using Heckler and Koch assault rifles against protesters. We know that every 10 seconds a child still starves to death in this world, we know that this does not happen by chance or destiny, we know that those responsible could end this mass dying with a snap of their fingers. We know they will not snap their fingers. We have seen incredible shifts and mobilizations possible within days and weeks in a state of pandemic emergency. The finger snapping to end hunger would not cost a fraction of that effort. But this finger snapping promises no profits, economically or ideologically. We know “that war is on”, we know it is a lie “that war has now broken out”, another narrative they set to stabilize their fragile rule. Always “create a lesser evil” is the current logic with which they want us to follow them into the abyss. To the end of time. This time they have miscalculated, we look through their sleight of hand, we do not stop demanding retaliation. For the last two years, for the last two thousand years. We are not blinded by the “need to strengthen NATO”, it is not “our freedom” that is to be defended, but their competitive position. Economically, geopolitically, militarily. Every day they are ready to spread new lies and manipulations, throwing sand in our faces so that we do not realize the most obvious in tears.

“The emerging dystopia is not the product of a plot concocted by some secret governments, but the result of a fortuitous moment of rationalization of capitalism that will not abolish its constitutive irrationality for a long time to come. The variously improvised posturing, equipped with all available means, with which states are responding to the epidemic is the clear proof of this. Their disagreements, lies, inconsistencies and obvious failures show rather on what a weak foundation the cybernetic dystopia is built, which pretends to determine the use of our lives in all its facets. Perhaps it will be most vulnerable at the moment when it believes itself to be omnipotent. But for this to happen, the desire for freedom, equality and justice must be so far-reaching and deep-rooted that it can combine our forces. If we don’t build a new utopian breach, we will live forever in the day after.” The day after is behind us – Joël Gayraud (1)

The day after is behind us – Joël Gayraud

Thirty-seven: The ripeness of time, that is, the moment before the jump, the immediate moment, is the pre-revolutionary situation we face. This asserted moment is subjective, like all historical moments, contrary to the prevailing (leftist) historiography. Subjective in the sense that it is not the conditions that are not objective, but the willingness now to do what is possible. In other words, to leave the shadows and become the fighting party capable of rewriting history. The uprisings have come and surpassed all expectations, in the historical context of the declining left it was again possible to have a glimpse of the horizon of overthrow. No more ideological smokescreens, no more petty-bourgeois moralism, no more false pretenses, no more constant nefarious betrayals. There is no more “socialism of the 21st century,” no more “progressive camp,” no more “project” to be realized. The last two years have made immediately clear who stands where. Who was behind the state and its cops and its military, we were not really shocked to see who all found themselves in the camp of our enemies. We’ve been analyzing and saying that for some time, and we’ve been scolded for it. Now it’s all out in the open. Whoever is still not ready to watch now, cannot be helped anymore. We see the horizon, now we have to keep our eyes on it.

Thirty-eight: We will beware to proclaim the concrete next steps. This is the experience of almost all uprisings; most “programs” are counterrevolutionary at their core. Every uprising is a search process, a curious exploration of the social body, a pleasurable exploration of possibilities, encounters that are unfamiliar, relationships that are based on something new, and yet old, almost archaic. “The revolutionaries”, are inventions of a political caste, there are no “revolutionaries”, there are only people who make revolution. People who build barricades, loot, steal weapons, storm prisons, who hold wild meetings, who constantly talk in confusion. Who do not obey any command, unless they have decided to run temporary coordination centers. The militants of the Fighting Party do not need any Ṕroclamations, no badges, no rank. They have been learning from each other, exchanging ideas, building alliances and conspiracies for years. They have reorganized under the conditions of the permanent state of emergency. To the astonishment of the left, the global insurgencies have grown in intensity over the last two years, while the left has ideologically backed the empire and waited until they could resume their old activity games.

Thirty-nine: But of course we should not become blind, intoxicated too soon by the near victory. Just as it seems presumptuous to many to speak of a near victory, it would be presumptuous to take it for granted. Our opponent has raised the stakes, its is again trying to control the conditions of the clash of classes. The current process of formation in the context of the Ukraine war demonstrates this. It is no accident that the West is entering a “war economy,” it is no accident that it is a green “super-minister” of Europe’s most important economic power who is substantially shaping this “war economy” in the strategic energy field. There is unanimous talk of “the necessary economic cuts”, which in essence mean nothing else than a radical redistribution policy, the proletarians will have to pay the costs of the “readiness for war”, the middle class will be made another offer in the form of the “defense of Western freedom” after the alliance offer of “averting the climate catastrophe”, in the end, the barbarians will again stand before Rome, the Turks before Vienna, a last “civilizational refuge” as a panic room, the rabble will be the next final opponent, the course for this has already been set in the last two years. The “enlightened”, the “following science”, the “real humanists”, the opponent at best “unenlightened” (the “badly informed migrants”), at worst the “antisocial rabble”, unvaccinated, critical of COVID state measures, interspersed with fascists, who can and may be deprived of “social participation” and the basic right of medical care if necessary. The future fascism, which will be established in the aggravation as an inevitable formation against the revolutionary pressure, the “onslaught of the barbarians”, will appear “enlightened” and “caring”. The totality of access to all areas of life will make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a mildly ridiculed bedtime story for children. In this respect, it is absolutely necessary to move theoretically and analytically on the level of the times, i.e. on the level of social fascization. In this context, anti-fascism means to concentrate all forces for the necessary uprising, anything less is no longer possible.

Forty: No blueprint. No completed work. Working sketch for working sketch. Outlining the whole framework again and again, but not running into the open knife of confrontation imposed by the opponent. Refusing the discourses. Radically. All. Really all of them. Love the party, but don’t worship it. Understand what Party means. You and me. When we meet. Talking. Listening. Understand. Making ourselves familiar. Irreplaceable. Getting to know strangers. Close. Far away. And yet close again. Familiar. Conspiracy. But no fuss. No making a fuss. Handing out leaflets. In the suburbs. Looting. Sharing. Even the last cigarette. Weeping for the earth. Defending. Barely waiting for the summer. Ardent longing that takes your breath away. Putting everything into this summer. Savoring everything. Understanding, grasping, that our time has come. The night will end. Never betray our dreams. Not to sell ourselves. Not for bare life, not for the miserable existence we are offered. Party is like a childhood love that never fades. It has always been there. We probably called it by a different name. In another life. We have learned to distrust it because it is always right. That’s what we were taught. Or because so many crimes were committed in her name. Gave our hearts to her and lost them. At least that. Summer is near, we will make history. “And always on the move, with burning brown eyes, they’ve seen a lot and are really young.” We’ll see each other. We will recognize each other. By the smiles that still plays around our mouths. See you soon.

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