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YJA Star Guerrilla: “Just as Turkey was defeated in Zap and Garê, it will be defeated today” [Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq]

One of the guerrillas resisting the Turkish invasion attacks in South Kurdistan said: “Just as Turkey was defeated in Zap in 2008 and in Garê in 2021, they will be defeated today.

Originally published by ANF News.

YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrilla Nûşîn Botan spoke to ANF about the Turkish invasion attacks that have been going on since 17 April in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

There is a big war right now. This war is not new to us,” said guerrilla Botan, adding: “We were expecting this very operation and our preparations had been made on this basis. There is a fierce battle especially in Zap. As it is known, they came very confidently in 2008 as well, but as the phrase goes, they came on horseback and left on foot (in Kurdish: sîwar hatin pêya çûn).

‘KDP, the Kurds in love with their executioner’

Referrring to the KDP’s partnership with the Turkish state and defining the KDP as “Kurds in love with their executioner“, guerrilla Botan added: “There is no difference between AKP, MHP and KDP. Only the names change, the content or mentality are the same. The current reality is that the KDP is a part of the occupation carried out by the Turkish state. The KDP also stands against the Kurdish reality, which is why they can be called Kurds in love with their executioner.” 

The enemy will be defeated

YJA Star guerrilla Botan emphasized that “great resistance and heroism is displayed” against the invasion attacks and concluded: “Just as they were defeated in Zap in 2008 and in Garê in 2021, they will be defeated today. Although they use technology, chemical weapons, dirty methods, they will not be able to counter the resistance carried out by guerrillas. We have great determination. We want everyone to be involved in the war on this basis. This should not only be on the shoulders of the guerrillas; our people should take action in all four parts of Kurdistan. If the guerrillas and the people unite, the enemy will be defeated.

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