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Call for solidarity with persecuted comrades in Western Greece (Messolonghi)

Messolonghi. Greece. Urgent financial need in order to pay the state’s revengful bails.

Originally published by Fire Fund.

On Friday 25/2 afternoon the Minister of Internal Affairs, Makis Voridis (former member of a fascist organization), was about to attend at an event of the party in power in our town, Messolonghi (Western Greece). A small group of anarchists and antifascists we stood spontaneously on the walkway close to the café where the event would take place in order to express our “hospitality” to him and his friends. It didn’t take long to the police to arrive, blocking the path to the café and trying to keep us away from the gathered crowd (members of the party, congressmen, mayors). For about 2 hours we stand near the cafe shouting antifascist slogans, while also passers-by (students, workers) joined the demo against the cop block by jeering, throwing oranges and bottles.

Just a few minutes before the end of the event, arrived reinforcements to the police, circled us and attacked in order tο drive us out of the walkway. Amid the following man to man conflict, a cop injured in the head and most of the people scattered around.

Later on, the police arrested 10 people while searching another one, who was to blame for the injury of the cop (he was arrested two days later). Finally 7 people charged with misdemeanors and 2 with felonies relating the injury. Each of the last mentioned 2 comrades has to pay 3.000€ bail to avoid custody and attend to the local police station 3 times per month. Appeals were filed against the bails and now we are waiting the decision of the court’s council in an unspecific time.

Solidarity with persecuted comrades. Continuous fight against the state and any form of authority.

…And you tried so hard to bury me

but you forgot I was a seed…

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