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Guerrilla attacks in the Moscow Region and Crimea

Moscow. Russia. Guerrilla attacks again! This time in the Moscow Region. The military commissariat in Shchyolkovo was hit.

Originally published by A2Day. Translated by Riot Turtle with assistance of translation tools.

It is impossible not to note the partisan ingenuity. Two “molotovs” flew into the building, two offices were damaged, including the archive of the military registration and enlistment office. None of the guerrillas were captured. Way to go!

Resistance has recently been reported in Crimea as well. In Yevpatoria, the administration building was first doused with blue and yellow paint, and then “hammers” were thrown at it. Unfortunately, there was no fire. The security forces arrested ( Bogdan Ziza, a media activist, for this action; his whereabouts are unknown now. We wish Bogdan fortitude, but at the same time want to say that the attack against the administration building, carried out at night, could have gone much better.

Our answer to Russian fascism is mutual aid and solidarity!

Source tg channel The Anarchist Militant

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