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Elany: About my imprisonment

Here is Elany`s first Text she wrote about Imprisonment!

Originally published by Feral Fire.

Now that I no longer have to spend my time in jail, details of the arrest can be given. The reason for the arrest: urgent suspicion of sabotage of a cell tower. How the police became aware of me, respectively of us, I don’t know until today. It probably didn’t help that there were several reports about sabotage of cell towers in the blog and that I carried handwritten notes for a „manual of sabotage“, which describes how to sabotage cell towers, street lamps, ATMs and other things. At least I was able to draw all the attention to myself, so that my partner could be quickly released (apart from some ableist remarks and that her health condition speaks against it anyway and that she is not capable of dangerous deeds). Despite incriminating circumstantial evidence, however, there is still a lack of proof to this day. In all the time behind bars, no evidence could ever be produced that I committed that crime, or any crime at all. Thus, the court saw that a longer imprisonment was not appropriate until there was solid evidence (also to my own surprise, because we all know the countless cases of people rotting in jail, even though the evidence is thin or non-existent).

In jail, of course, the cops try to break you somehow, probably in hope that you will make a confession and further incarceration will be more „pleasant“ as a result. Withholding mail, initially refusing needed medication, refusing yard time, whatever they just tried. But probably most difficult for me was the transition from a very active lifestyle in nature and gathering my food (as much as possible – gardens of rich neighbors are also helpful) to a sedentary life behind walls where prison food is served to you. If you refuse dead animals, grains, and industrially highly processed „foods,“ you will inevitably have to make friends with hunger, because you won’t have much choice left. But none of this is able to break me. Life has already fucked me harder than the state ever can, to put it in modern language.

Now I have to wait and see what is still to come. Until then the mountains are calling me.

Finally, I send warm greetings and much love to all those known and unknown compas who offered and showed support and solidarity, who shared information and my texts, for the wonderful prison messages, and of course to all compas who are locked up behind cold concrete walls. You are not alone in this struggle. Someday we will dance in the ruins of all cages.

(See ya on twitter this weekend!)

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