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Attack on military recruitement and enlistment office with an axe [Russia]

Yasnogorsk. Russia. In the night from May 30 to 31 the building of military recruitement and enlistment office on Shcherbina street in Yasnogorsk (Tula region) was attacked.

Originally published by A2Day. Translated by Riot Turtle with assistance of translation tools.

An unknown person smashed the window with an axe in order to burn the enlistment office from inside. Usually such tactics (first break the window, then pour the flammable mixture and set it on fire) prove to be the most effective, but in this case, unfortunately, the staff of the institution managed to quickly put out the flames before the EMERCOM officers arrived to help. The attacker managed to escape, but he left an axe at the scene outside the military registration and enlistment office. We hope he will remain free and able to continue his fight.

Source: Lenta (источник)

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