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A message from a tree sitter [Atlanta Forest]

Atlanta. Georgia. A message from a defender of the Atlanta forest.

Originally published by Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

They destroyed our camp, & sawed one of our platforms apart, but we still got up into same tree in opf near juvy to defend the forest, & we left a message for our oppressors & our tree sitter comrade has issued a statement:

“We are here today to stop the development of a police militarization facility, where police would train in tactics of repression and violence against the civilians of Atlanta. We are here today to stop a beautiful forest from being destroyed, to stop countless animals and plants from being exterminated from this place. Two incredibly important topics are at stake here today. Climate change and police violence are two of the most pressing issues affecting our society today, and they will only worsen if this facility is built. We cannot stand by as we sacrifice humanity’s future for a Cop City.”

– Received anonymously over email

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