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Vladivostok: Military recruitment center set on fire! [Russia]

Vladivostok. Russia. In the early morning hours of June 6, 2022, another office for military call-ups and recruitment was set on fire, this time in the wooden building at 23 Uborevicha Street in Vladivostok. The facade of the building was damaged as a result of the fire.

Originally published by A2Day. Translated by Riot Turtle with the support of translation tools.

There is conflicting information about how exactly the attack was carried out.

Komsomolskaya Pravda”, referring to the police, reports about two suspects who threw a bottle with a flammable liquid against the front wall of the building. Passers-by scared away the arsonists, so that the building did not completely went up in flames, the cladding boards burned.

The Telegram channel Shot reports about an arsonist who used a rag prepared with a flammable substance.

The arsonists were able to escape.

This is the 18th arson attack on an enlistment office that has occurred in recent times. This does not even include the arson attacks on other military and industrial facilities, which the authorities are trying to dismiss as accidents.


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