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Video: From a peaceful protest to a riot in just a few seconds [Exarcheia, Athens, Greece]

Exarcheia. Athens. Greece. Saturday night, around 20:30 (08:30 p.m.), June 26, 2022. In Exarcheia Square, many people have started to gather for a protest against gentrification, evictions from homes due to Airbnb, and State repression in the Exarcheia neighborhood, a place frequented by anarchists, leftists, students and artists.

Originally published by Perseus999 YouTube Channel.

Suddenly 6 police bikes provocatively pass from Exarcheia Square attempting to intimidate and scare those that have already gathered there. Apart from the shouts against them, warning the cops about the response they will receive the next time they may try to provoke the people about to protest the police repression in the neighborhood, there is no aggressive action against the police.

What do the cops do following that? They leave and return with greater reinforcements, about 15-20 bikes, 2 cops on each bike. The result is what has been recorded in the video.

Despite the chaos created in the area by the police with asphyxiating gas grenades and flash bang grenades, the protest in Exarchia took place dynamically, with the participation of approximately 1.000 protesters.

The call for the protest follows:


To defend the neighborhood of the world that fits many worlds.

A neighborhood where people of all genders, ages and backgrounds can coexist with respect.

Where the history of yesterday’s struggles meets the resistances of today.

Against gentrification, evictions, political annihilation, State repression.

To fight for the Exarcheia of social self-organization, of class solidarity, of insurrection

– No Metro station in Exarcheia Square

– No to the handing over of Strefi hill to private companies

– The Polytechnic School of Athens should remain a place of meeting and struggle

– Reduction in rental prices

– No evictions

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