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Brutal arrest during protest against rise of electricity costs in Seville, Spain

On 4th of July 2022, a demonstration against the rise of electricity costs and power cuts took place in Seville, Spain. The march had been organised by the neighboorhood assemblies Barrios Hartos and Plataforma Vecinal Cerro-Amate as a protest against the energetical poverty the working class neighboorhoods of Seville have always been suffering and that has become even worse during the last months, when power cuts have become more and more frequent du to the rising prices. However, the march ended in an act of brutal police repression against a well-known comrade of the organising collectives. He was thrown to the ground by police officers who then detained him by sitting on his head and did not refrain from their violent attitude although he was screaming with pain. Meanwhile, the rest of police officers were intimidating the outraged mass of protestors, threatening them with their batons. The comrade was finally arrested and taken to the police station, where he had to spend the night before being taken to court the next morning. He is being accused of “resistance and gross disobedience”.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

During the solidarity rally at the court, riot cops appeared and identified the present activists. Once again, the Spanish government, who takes pride in presenting itself as the “most progressive government in recent history”, has proven that state violence is not exclusive to right. Faced with the people’s rage against more and more severe precariousness, provoked by capitalist greed, all governments will react with repression. However, while brutal arrests are the most evident expression of the system’s cruelty against those who fight it, violence is present every day in the daily lives of the people. Violence is not being able to pay electricity for your home. Violence is spending more money at the supermarket for less food than a few weeks ago. Violence are rising rents due to gentrification. Violence is the cost of living going up every day while salaries stay the same.

We must not be fooled: this is not a consequence of the pandemic or the war in Ukraine that will pass in a few months. This is part of the collapse of a system built on infinite growth on a finite planet that, inevitably, has started to collapse. But it will not fall peacefully: the alliance of capitalism and the state will increase their violence to maintain the status quo as long as possible. We, as peoples suffering their repression, must organise and resist. We need to be united to build alternatives for a future worth living.

Hands off our comrades! Against state violence, organisation and unity. Stop energetical poverty! No to the rising cost of living! Only the people will save the people!

Activists against the rise of the cost of living from Seville

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