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Don’t give fascists any space! –  FvD symposium ‘Understanding the conflict in Ukraine’ on July 10 [Amsterdam]

Amsterdam. Netherlands. After our e-mail campaigns, the RAI has indicated that it will continue to facilitate the FvD symposium ‘Understanding the conflict in Ukraine’ on 10 July.

Images by Mokum Against Fascism.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.


We hereby call on every organization, local resident, group, anti-fascist, anyone who wants to speak out against the normalization of fascist ideas to take action with us. Together we will make it loud and clear that fascists/Putin propagandists ARE NOT WELCOME in Amsterdam or anywhere else!

During the symposium, all kinds of fascist conspiracy theories will be discussed. Putin will be glorified by Kremlin propagandist John Laughland and Russian ambassador Alexander Shulgin, conspiracy theorist Joost Niemöller will spread hateful lies about the war, and we could go on and on. The toxic meetings will also be infused with everything the fascists want to normalize; queerphobia, racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, climate denial, anti-Semitism, pro-life thinking, and so on.

We can’t let this pass undisturbed! Join the counter-action at the RAI on 10 July at 13.00. Bring drums, bells, whistles, anti-fascist friends, neighbors and relatives! Bring your banners, signs and flags, we’ll take care of the flyers. And we bring a megaphone and a soapbox; there is room to speak for people who want to.

An (optional) online briefing will take place on Thursday 7 July in preparation for the promotion. Send an email to if you would like to attend as a representative of a group or as an individual. Updates on the exact location will follow through the known channels. If you want to stay informed in another way or have other questions, please let us know via the above email address.

Mokum Against Fascism

Fascism in the RAI [Amsterdam Trade Fair]

Mokum Against Fascism (Translated by Riot Turtle)

Fascists have been welcomed to the RAI in Amsterdam to spread their hatred for almost a hundred years. Forum voor Democratie fits into a notorious row of far-right organizations that have been given a platform by the RAI. The National Socialist Movement (NSB), for example, organized several ‘landdags’ in the RAI: the first picture shows NSB leader Anton Mussert giving a speech in the RAI hall on April 28, 1934. That same day, a parade of NSB members marched from Central Station to the event hall. Anti-fascists tried to disrupt the fascist procession, but the police violently came to support the NSB members and beat down anti-fascist counter-demonstrators with batons.

This Sunday, July 10, the RAI is facilitating yet another event organized by fascists; the FvD symposium on the war in Ukraine. Putin glorification, infused with fascist rhetoric. This cannot happen without interference!

Come to the counter-demonstration at Europaplein on Sunday, July 10 at 13.00 (01:00 p.m.) and bring all your anti-fascist friends, colleagues, neighbors and family. Together we are strong and we will let them hear that fascists ARE NOT WELCOME in our city or anywhere else.

If you have any questions please email them to

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