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Health condition of Giannis Michailidis

Lamia. Greece. The health condition of hunger striker Giannis Michailidis, who has been on hunger strike for 44 days and is monitored at Lamia General Hospital, is extremely critical.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Riot Turtle.

First of all, I would like to emphasize and point out that although the law allows each prisoner to appoint his personal doctor to examine and supervise him, in this case I was not allowed to examine him personally, despite having been authorized to do so, but our communication took place between the staffs and in the presence of a police officer right next to me, thus suspending medical confidentiality, since he heard and observed all our communication.

Giannis’ white blood cells number has fallen so far below the lower normal limit that it now poses a danger to the hunger striker. Leukopenia leads to severe immune deficiency. Platelets are also very low, and thrombocytopenia can cause severe and threatening bleeding. He has worsening anemia, liver dysfunction, and hypocalcemia.

Clinically, the hunger striker now reports experiencing acute precordial pain with the slightest exertion (signs of myocardial ischemia) and severe pain in his left kidney. The physicians treating him have informed him that he is now at risk of severe osteoporosis.

Gianni’s extremely difficult situation and struggle are exacerbated by the conditions of his incarceration. Completely isolated in a four-walled cell. No window, except for a small skylight at one side, and no television (although the psychiatric examination he underwent when he was admitted to the hospital did not reveal any pathological findings). In other words, he is physically and sensory isolated, without the slightest constant support, supervision and care from his family, his lawyer and his doctor.

All of this harms the hunger striker, causes additional stress and contributes to the destabilization of his body, as it is a kind of torture.

And the paradox is that all this has to happen in this torturous way in a hospital, where the ethical and moral rules of the hospital should not be violated and all patients must be treated in decent conditions.

For my part, I will once again emphasize the seriousness of the health condition of hunger striker Giannis Michailides, and call on all responsible authorities to find an immediate solution to prevent a fatal outcome of the hunger strike.

The personal physician of Giannis Michailides Pantelia Vergopoulou – NHS director.


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